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Lacey’s Hair and Beauty brand film

We love the enthusiasm of the team at Lacey’s Hair and Beauty, who are excited about 2024. Lacey’s recently released a new brand film detailing how it can help you as a professional hairdresser. Here’s your chance to get to know Lacey’s Hair and Beauty better.   

Lacey’s Hair and Beauty brand film

Lacey’s brand film is an excellent example of how you can emphasize and cultivate a brand identity even while distributing other brands. You may know Lacey’s as the UK distributor of Unite Hair, but you also know Lacey’s as Lacey’s.  

What it highlights

Importantly, Lacey’s brand film underlines the longevity of the company. As you may know, in 2024, Lacey’s is celebrating its 35th anniversary. This highlights the expertise that Malcolm and Paula Lacey and the team have worked on over the years. This is the experience you can trust as a professional hairdresser. And these days, in an ever-changing, super-busy world, we appreciate brands we can count on.  

Malcolm Lacey
Malcolm and Paula Lacey

Seeing Malcolm on film helps to secure the bond between you as a professional hairdresser and Lacey’s. Malcolm and Paula speak directly to you, underlining your working, trusting relationship.   

Lacey’s brand film emphasizes its crucial business objective: to help you create dazzling hair and the best experience for luxury clientele.    

Lacey’s came from humble beginnings, but hard work and dedicated services have helped the brand grow. Key areas of focus for Lacey’s include:   

  • Fantastic Customer Service    
  • Hands-On support    

One of the best things about Lacey’s is that they focus entirely on YOU as a professional. Lacey’s stocks professional brands and only supports professional hairdressers. So, you can rest assured that you are receiving well-thought-out advice, carefully curated professional products and the utmost care and attention.   


Lacey’s brand film also highlights the importance of Lacey’s website. In case you didn’t know, Lacey’s website is a space to order terrific products for your salon and a hub of inspiration and education. You can level up your skills with online courses and how-to videos while stocking your salon with great products.    

Watch the film to get a better understanding of the way Lacey’s can support you. Are you already hooked? Explore Lacey’s offerings here   

This year Lacey’s Hair and Beauty celebrates 35 years, find out more here

For more Lacey’s news click here


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