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Goodbye to neck and back pain at the backwash

client at a Takara Belmont Yumi backwash

Alleviate neck and back pain at the backwash with Takara Belmont’s unique neck rest designs. Every salon owner appreciates the value of client comfort. After all, a comfortable client is a happy client.

Alongside great customer service and amazing hairdressing and technical expertise, the aim of delivering comfort is often a stated intention, but how can you ensure it’s a kept promise? With backwash services, hair care treatments and colour services, and other hair and scalp care rituals rendering clients in a reclined position for prolonged periods, a visit to the salon can quite literally be a ‘pain in the neck’ for many clients. As a salon, the last thing you want is for clients to leave the salon looking sensational while feeling the after-effects of a long visit with tension in the neck and back, or even pain. So how do you avoid discomfort, ensure clients experience real relaxation, and boost client satisfaction?

The answer lies in the equipment you choose but, as with all things in life, it’s not quite that simple. Not all equipment is equal and that’s why Takara Belmont continues to transform backwash experiences through a combination of science, research and design.

Weighing up the facts

First some facts. In a full lie-flat position, the head accounts for 8% of total body weight, with the chest area at 33%, the waist and hips at 44% and the legs 15%? With the average head weight of a woman being 6kg* and a man’s at 7kg*, equipment must be designed to deliver support where it’s needed, and it must adjust to how your client’s full body weight is distributed during backwash services. Body shapes and sizes, and head weights, differ around the world too, so how support and comfort are delivered is equally important.

The result of research – a unique gel-filled neck rest design

Taking science fact into consideration, along with global body weight variations, decades of research and innovation have resulted in Takara Belmont’s unique gel-filled neck cushion. As an integral part of the entire backwash structure, their basin design and tilt mechanisms, chair and backwash bed designs, and recline positions are all meticulously curated to optimise full body comfort and, in particular, provide exemplary head and neck support.

Taking all other design attributes and functions into account, it’s Takara Belmont’s unique gel-filled neck cushion design that stands out as a defining feature. This soft, supple cushion automatically configures to the contours of individual neck and head shapes and weights to deliver supreme comfort at every backrest angle, and for every service duration.

Present across their entire backwash range, this unique design ensures that the client’s body and neck position are perfectly balanced throughout all backwash and treatment services, while salons can choose from a range of backwash unit designs based on the experience they want to create.

With two distinct neck rest designs, the RS range, which includes the RS Prime, RS Primo and RS Axis, features a deep, wide and tilting basin that’s easily adjusted to achieve the optimum service position, as the gel-filled neck cushion supports the neck and head to alleviate tension and strain.

Yume – the benchmark for comfort, design and relaxation

See and feel the difference with the Yume Series

When it comes to delivering sublime comfort and elevating backwash services to new standards of refinement, Takara Belmont’s fully motorised Yume Series offers next level luxury. With lie-flat backwash units and a Neck Device that’s exclusive to this prestige range, clients get to experience an elevation in shampoo, treatment and spa-style treatment protocols that further enhance comfort and support, while positioning salons as purveyors of exceptional care at the backwash.    

All products in the Yume Series benefit from this adaptive Neck Device, along with a gel-filled neck rest and the addition of two gel-filled head pillows. The Neck Device adapts naturally to different shaped heads and bodies, owing to its rotating mechanism with two shafts; this creates a 3-point support system with the neck rest and head pillows to offer complete neck, back and head support.

This not only means that clients experience full body support from head to toe, it also means that salons can offer longer treatments and spa-style services without compromising client comfort. With backwash beds that are designed and contoured to accommodate all shapes and sizes, and upholstery selected from over 90 fabrics and materials to deliver tactile sensations of comfort, the Yume Series achieves extraordinary levels of well-being that advance treatment experiences and outcomes.

Subsequently, the Yume Series is great for business. Not only does it promise the ultimate indulgence that keeps clients coming back, it allows for the expansion of your service menu too. Spa-style rituals including head, neck and shoulder massage can be incorporated into your menu, while coupling with Spa Mist II allows for scalp care, hand and nail conditioning treatments and colour services to be added and upgraded. And, with the newest addition of Yume Head Bath, why not treat your clients to the ultimate head spa experience that promotes relaxation and calm, as well as actively improving scalp health, and well-being?

Upgrade affordably and tax efficiently

At a time when salons are looking for innovative ways to expand their horizons while keeping a watchful eye on budgets, Takara Belmont’s exclusive 0% Finance Lease Scheme makes it possible to upgrade in the most affordable and tax efficient way.

Discover more:

*  See the Yume Info brochure for details

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