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What’s coming in 2021?

2020 was a defining year for everything – from the way we communicate and the way we work to the way we get dressed and styled. Lockdown has created its own trends but the influence of social media, digital fashion shows and tv series has been also strong. And while we saw looser and more natural hair styles taking over, there still is a nostalgia for some extravagance in the air. So, what’s next? What’s coming with the first months of 2021 for hair? 3 industry experts give us their next trend prediction, based on what’s currently happening out there.

Time to pull out the 2021 hair trends list to see what you need to explore more, and what may already be in your skillset. Bring it on, 2021!

Trend 1: Bigger hair

“Every series of The Crown has delivered beautiful clothes and period styling – but we all remember the eighties and the love for pattern, big shoulder pads and bigger hair! Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana reminded us of a fashion era gone by – but is still influencing style today. An escape to another world just when we needed it!” says Marcello Moccia, from Room 97 Creative, Leeds (North Western Hairdresser of the Year).

Marcello Moccia

The popularity of the Netflix series is bringing some real eighties inspo, so expect a bigger hair come-back and get your hairspray ready!

Trend 2: The Face Frame

The ‘Face Frame’ has been sweeping across the hair trend world with rapid speed, and just like that, it’s evolving. Expect to create more of them soon.

Sophia Hilton

”Face Frames just got thick – and they’re getting larger and larger. I would even go as far as to say they aren’t face frames any more, they have evolved to being 5 inches thick in some cases. I predict that in 6 months time we’re going to be barely doing colour bleeds, and instead we will be doing more and more of these oversized, thick face frames” says Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon.

Trend 3: Blonde

Blonde has been a trend that’s been popular for many years, with many clients craving a natural colour, which looks so simple and beautiful but can take a while to perfect in the salons. Think the Kardashian/Californian effect, they want it to look effortless, and that’s exactly where we are headed for 2021.

Kevin Paul Finnell

F&M Hairdressing Creative Director Kevin Paul Finnell says: Many clients have embraced their natural hair in 2020 due to not having access to their hairdressers and have essentially been forced into a colour detox with the salons being closed for such a long period of time. What we’ve noticed is clients loving their natural self once again and wanting a look that appears effortless at all times. Bronde is a celebrity favourite and has honestly never gone out of style, it’s just evolved. It’s also a lot lower maintenance, which at the moment is appealing to clients.” 

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