EP19 – Transform from a good hairdresser to a good manager with Clive Collins and Paul Simbler

Aurore Caboche Podcast

This week, we’re discussing the age-old question of whether a good hairdresser can be a good manager… Can you be both a creative force and have a good business brain? We’ve caught up with two hairdressers who are doing a pretty sterling job of managing to find out if they think they’re the exception… 

On the panel this time, we have two of the three co-directors behind HOB Salons… 

Clive Collins
Clive is a great motivational leader, and often found on the salon floor inspiring staff with his upbeat and enthusiastic approach, in addition to presenting business focused courses at the HOB Academy – How To Build Your Column and The Successful Salon Business. 

Paul Simbler
Now with over 700 staff and continuous growth through company-owned and franchise salons, Paul believes the company’s success has come from building strong foundations in education and from putting in place clear systems and procedures to ensure the HOB culture is filtered from top level management right through to the apprentices working on the salon floor.

Hot topics

• 2m 28s – Creativity, consistency and service
• 4m 05s – Getting Akin involved with HOB salons
• 7m 30s – How they approach management together
• 9m 58s – We don’t believe you can teach someone to be a leader
• 10m 36s – Is three leaders together a recipe for a row?
• 11m 09s – Respect, compromise and communication
• 13m 05s – We wouldn’t want to do this on our own
• 14m 58s – Can you be creative AND successful at business?
• 16m 59s – When can you start to see leaders?
• 19m 21s – How to become a franchisee
• 20m 44s – Is it challenging to keep people attracted to the industry?
• 22m 23s – What three things would you like to change?
• 25m 58s – You have to be able to build a clientele
• 26m 45s – We’re the partner on the business side, we’re the backroom
• 28m 08s – What’s the plan for HOB?


Hosts: Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox
Guests: Clive Collins and Paul Simbler

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