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Trend talk with Michael Convey

We want to know what’s hot for this summer which is why we’ve pinned down OSMO’s Global Ambassador – Michael Convey to talk all things trends.

The big blow out is going to be big this SS? Why is that and how do you create the perfect at-home blowout?

As much as we’d all love to have a hairdresser at home styling our hair each day – there are great options for creating that salon blowout at home now.  Electricals aside, going back to the Velcro Rollers is an ideal option to lessen the heat on your hair.  Go big or go home with Velcro’s in varying sizes from medium to extra large depending on your hair length and texture.  The key thing with Velcro is the prep.  Spritz clean washed hair with a heat protector like OSMO Thermal Defence (£8.99) and blow dry in sections up to 95%, add a roller into each section as you move to the next section.  Spritz with OSMO Extreme Hold Hairspray (£12.98) and leave for at least an hour.  If you’ve got thicker texture hair, you may need more hold so it’s an idea to use a mousse like theOSMO Xtreme Volume Mega Styling Foam (£6.80).  Apply to damp hair in small sections, apply the Velcro, allow to dry naturally for a longer hold for the curls.

How is the Wolf/Mullet/Shag progressing in 2022 do you think?

This look is a style that always comes back, whether you like it or not!  The 2022 update is the Octopus with longer disconnected tendrils and is less textured that it’s previous styles.  All of these styles are ideal for someone not looking to maintain a cut as it grows out well.  It’s also super easy to style, definitely a ‘get out bed’ look – a salt spray is a must for this look, just spritz and ruffle with your fingers to allow to dry naturally. 

We’re hearing lots about the Bixie cut – what’s this all about?

This starting to gather pace with the celebs and it’s a great spring /summer look as it has that cute grown out feel to it.  It’s ultimate the Pixie cut grown out into a Bob.  It’s flattering and emphasises the cheekbones perfectly.  Florence Hugh is sporting it at the moment, and you can see this will filter to the high street salons over the coming months. 

How do you adapt celebrity/catwalk trends to your local customer base?

Most hair trends will initially filter down from the catwalk/red carpet to the streets of London and then into salons across the country.  However, Tic Toc is quickly becoming a ‘go-to’ for fast hair trends!  We’d usually take elements from those trends and then adapt to suit each customer’s face shape, hair texture and lifestyle.  It’s then about personalising the look rather than just recreating it.

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