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No discounts

Penny Etheridge no discounts new clients hairdressing January

Are you sitting there twiddling your thumbs? If you’re wondering how to survive the January “dead period”, former salon owner turned business coach Penny Etheridge cautions against creating discounts to attract new business. Penny maintains that a discount-motivated client will never become a loyal client. They are driven by cash, not culture and have little interest in building a relationship with a hair or beauty salon. Discount chasers move from one salon to the next, searching for a bargain. 

Penny Etheridge
Penny Etheridge

The facts

Countless reports validate that the foundation of a great hair and beauty business starts with client loyalty, trust, and recommendation. A recent report from tells us…

  • 85% of consumers check out online reviews to decide whether a local business is good
  • 73% of consumers said positive reviews inspire trust in a business (up from 58% the previous year)
  • 67% of consumers say positive customer reviews encourage them to visit a local business


The discount effect

A report from Roger Dooley of Neuroscience Marketing makes an interesting case for not attracting discount-driven clients to your business. Dooley recounts a study conducted in Ohio between discount and full-paying customers. In conclusion, the discount customers had “devalued” the stylist’s experience to such a degree they no longer derived the same satisfaction as from a full-paying client.

Penny says that paying more for a service makes clients determined to enjoy and appreciate it! Hairdressers rely on excellent customer experience as a form of recommendation; it is unlikely that discount-driven clients will recommend you.  

referral haircut

2023 marketing campaign

Penny has shared a few inspiring ideas for New Year marketing campaigns that she has used herself. 

“These campaigns, I have to say, worked particularly well in gelling existing clients to our business and did bring new clients on board as well. Yes, these ideas do involve some discounting but discounting with a purpose to attract the right “type “of client to your Salon,” Penny Etheridge

hairdressing new clients relationships

Penny’s Ideas

  • Many people focus on health and fitness throughout the new year. Penny suggests teaming up with a local Health Club to offer an incentive bonus program for a Hair and Body Makeover.
  • Offer a reciprocal discount with Health and Fitness associated business.
  • Launch a Client Awareness evening for January/ February. Invite guests like Nutritionists, Chiropractors, and NLP Practitioners to give talks. Compliment the evening with a touch from your salon, like a demonstration. Refreshments could be herbal infusions or alcohol-free Prosecco.

No discounts

  • Hold a “preview morning” at the salon, inviting regular clients to come and enjoy a complimentary fruit and artisan bakery-style breakfast with you and your team. Create mood boards to share with your guests, reflecting your salon vision for 2023. Discuss new products and the merits of new treatments. Send each guest away with a goody bag and new ideas!
  • By offering a loyal client reward through an experience or gift, you are ensuring excellent recommendations and continued support for your business, all of whichare acknowledged to be the safest foundation for maintaining a successful salon business.

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