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New you consultation

New year consultations new hair

Days into 2023, how many times have you heard “new year, new me” or “2023 is going to be my year?” It’s the time of year when clients want to embark on new journeys and set out what they want to achieve over the next 12 months. Penny Etheridge suggests allowing an extra 20 minutes for consultations to support your clients’ new year needs. You don’t need to factor in the appointment with a client’s regular service. As Penny explains, the ‘new you’ consultation is desirable as a separate appointment entirely. The extra time will ensure you understand your client’s needs. Rather than charging for this additional appointment, Penny recommends taking a deposit to ensure you don’t waste time on no-shows. You could set the deposit against any service cost they decide to go with after their consultation.

Is it worthwhile?

Penny Etheridge

Recent surveys suggest the average UK woman spends about £260 a year on haircuts, with the average UK cut and colour client spending more than £350 per year. The costs of salon visits are why Penny believes the 20-minute ‘new you consultation’ should be complementary as part of your Salon culture.

Points to remember 

new you new hair new year

  • When booking the ‘new you’ appointments, encourage clients to bring photos of their hair in good and bad scenarios. Ensure clients feel comfortable bringing in visuals of hair looks and colours they like; clients must understand hairdressers welcome visual aids. 
  • Within the consultation appointment, find out any events the client may have in place. Weddings, milestone birthdays, and holidays provide vital information to ensure you deliver the right advice at key times. This is an opportunity to ascertain your client’s thoughts, needs and motives for the entire year. By providing relevant advice based on your client’s information, the chances of retaining loyalty throughout the year increase.
  • Penny suggests a personalised year planner for each consultation client at the end of their appointment detailing all appropriate services throughout the year. If using software, record the information and, where possible, schedule appointments. Penny also suggests recording ‘gentle reminders’ for each client when they need to book appropriate services.

Why is this important?

new hair new you new year colour change

“Do you want the same as last time? Is it just a trim?”

Penny explains that this apathetic approach within a salon service is not strong enough to ensure client loyalty. The new year is a crucial time for clients to change hairdressers, so it’s more important than ever to introduce the ‘new you’ consultation to your salon.

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