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Jordanna Cobella the Mindful HairdresserThere’s a saying, that we all have a book in us; Jordanna Cobella has been thinking about hers a lot this past year. The Mindful Hairdresser is her first work set for publication, and it’s going to be a fascinating read. Jordanna explains: “As Lockdown 1.0 began, I was putting together a new course called The Mindful Hairdresser, and it occurred to me I need a ‘takeaway document’ for the course attendees. There was so much to cover on this topic, so the take home document grew into a book project!”

What to expect? 

“This book is an insightful guide to the psychology behind the hairdressing profession. Whilst practical skills and technical ability is important to nurture as a skill in our profession, we cannot ignore the equally important side of ‘connecting with your client’.”

Jordanna understands that while many, if not most, hairdressers are ‘people people’, and comfortable making conversation or enabling clients to relax, it’s not something to take for granted. “I became fascinated by the emotional intelligence side of hairdressing which I believe constitutes 50% of the service,” says Jordanna. Hairdressing is a service-based profession, and consultations are key to giving your clients the results they love. The Mindful Hairdresser will help you in this. 

Jordanna’s story

As an accomplished hairdresser – running a salon, winning awards and supporting many hair projects – Jordanna is a hopeful realist. Optimistic and upbeat, she also knows the sweat and tears that go into making a successful career in our industry. Since knee-high to a styling chair (her parents are the inestimable Beverly C and Anestis Cobella), Jordanna has breathed in hairdressing. But she’s also keen to point out that however naturally it comes to you, every hairdresser can do with a roadmap – guidance on how to grow and flourish and extend your personal skills. 

Put it this way, broadening out from the service aspects of hairdressing, it might be that even the most extrovert of hairdressers needs support and guidance. It’s integral to the role to relate to clients from all walks of life, and be open to what changes might affect their wellbeing. Hairdressers need skills as a good listener. The Mindful Hairdresser will help here, too. Often these days there is a lot of emphasis on how important it might be for client-facing hairdressers to spot signs of depression, dementia, or even cancer. It can feel overwhelming to be assumed someone for whom this comes naturally. This book could prove highly valuable in the months to come. 

A full synopsis, blurb and promo video of the book is available to read HERE;

You can also pre-order a copy; as soon as the interest is registered, then Jordanna can take her book to the next level and publish digitally and in print. Sign up for a copy and you’ll receive regular updates and notes from Jordanna herself. 

the Mindful HairdresserFor more of the latest hairdressing news, click HERE.


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