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Chatting with the 5 finalists of PCC

Precision Cutting Championship – Stage 3 is over and we have 5 finalists! Woohoo! Big thanks to everyone who entered- there was too much competition as it was all about detail and perfectionism. All the finalists put in so much effort and we were really impressed with the results! The overall winner of the Precision Champion of the UK will be announced in August! Exciting!

We wanted to catch up with the 5 finalists, Jack, Todd, Altin, Constantine and Yonick, and see what they’re up to, how they made it so far and what would winning mean to them. Let’s hear it from the guys!

Tell us what you usually work on most in your salon/daily role (eg colour, cuts, styling, hair up…)

Jack Mead @jackmead_stylist

Jack: I am Jack Mead, co-owner of Jack & the Wolfe. In the salon I do a mixture of cutting and colouring and mix it up with styling when I do photo shoots

Todd: My daily role is cutting. I specialise in cutting hair and I run a column of cuts along side a colour technician. I specialise in men’s and short hair work.

Altin: I love mostly doing hair cutting but I can do colour, styling, wedding hair; I love everything to do with hair, even avant- garde.

Constantine: I’m based in London and I’m working in Elements salon as a cut and colour stylist however mostly I’m specifying on cut and finish (male/female).

Yonick: When I work in a salon, my role /passion is cutting and finishing hair. I do love cutting all types of texture, respecting the integrity of the hair and the individual.

What caught your eye about this precision cutting competition?

Todd Motherwell @Toddkhair

Jack: A great hairdresser by the name of Andy Heasman I know from when I worked at Rush advertised it and I was extremely excited about the concept of a precision cutting competition.

Todd: Firstly, it was a competition solely focused on the purity of technique and true precision cutting, no hiding behind Photoshop, no hiding behind a finish or blow dry. And secondly, the judges. I feel the judges in this particular competition are masters of the craft, they represent the very best to have held a pair of scissors, many of whom have inspired me from my beginnings to this day. Who better to be judged by?

Constantine: The word precision triggered me up.This competition is the first ever that reveals the purity of 9 foundations (shapes/techniques). Judges are the best and they guaranty the transparency of the competition.

Yonick: Andrew Heasman, the Creative Director of Rush, is a friend and the person that brought to my attention this event. Being locked in, entering felt like a great way to have fun. But also a great way to remain seasoned and be challenged.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Jack: The biggest challenge for me has been trusting my instincts and trying to not second guess myself.

Todd: The round line, it’s not a technique we get to practice or use often if at all on the shop floor currently so having to take it right back to basics and work in its purest form was quite the challenge. It should be called the Anxious Line. Haha!

Altin: Probably not being able to touch the scissors for 3 months but thanks to this great opportunity and amazing competition like precision cutting championship has kept me going.

Altin Ismaili @altinismaili

Constantine: Photoshooting lighting and choosing the last three angles; it was difficult to me however I learned much from this.

Yonick: Usually I cut people’s hair; people have emotions and reactions! So for me not getting any interactions was the greatest challenge. Cutting a mannequins hair can be lonely!

Has it been helpful to have the advice from the PCC organisers (films/hints etc)?

Jack: I have loved all the tips especially as the organisers and judges are all huge inspirations to me

Todd: I must admit I haven’t really used them. Just read the rules and stick to them

Altin: Yes, definitely, the hints and videos have been great and especially Tamas with his live videos from Palmer and Company.

Constantine: Absolutely, Dove Palmer and his team was always there to answer every question I needed.

Yonick: Most certainly. These guys are amazing! They are not just good on cutting beautiful precise cuts but also making it look easy. Their perspective was so valuable!

Have you learned from your experience?

 Jack: I have learned so much from this experience and in fact my work has become better whilst participating as I have dedicated a lot of time to perfecting my looks.

Todd: You’re always learning; practice never makes perfect, it makes improvement. You’ll always come away realising what you could have done better or how it can be improved. Take your time, work clean and have a plan in regards to your final look.

Altin: I believe that as long as you are alive you always learn, and I have learned a lot of different techniques on how to deal with dolls’ hair and more.

Constantine:  Considering I spend for every stage average 19 hours each time and constantly pushing myself beyond my limits made me realize that I have more potential.

Constantine Kokolas @ethos _hair

Yonick: Not only have I learned but also been inspired! It guided me to dive in and become more honest not just with the results I produce but also with the process I follow.

What are you most proud of achieving throughout these past weeks?

Jack: I am most proud of the haircuts I have created I put my heart and soul and many hours into them. To create these haircuts takes a lot of patience and passion and I am proud of the work I have put out to the world.

Todd: I’m most proud to have placed within the top 5. It was a great honour to be recognised by people in the industry who I admire and was a testament to the training I’ve had.

Altin: Probably creating my looks for this competition, and actually being on top 5 for me it’s great achievement and believing in my self more.

Constantine: Getting familiar with mannequins will help my career as I potentially want to be an educator. On the top of this, that’s the first ever pcc and I’m very proud I’m in the finalists.

Yonick: I am proud of all of it really. But mostly, I am proud for putting myself out there, as the rest of the competitors.

What will it mean if you win? 

Yonick Filopoulos @yonick84

Jack: I can’t put it into words what it would mean to win but to try, haircutting is a true art to me. And to have even got this far against incredible hairdressers is amazing, but to win… I would just be ecstatic to be recognised by the hairdressers that are judging as the best in the UK; it  would be the proudest moment of my career. Also the prizes are so incredible, it’s a life changing opportunity.

Todd: It would mean a lot to me, it would be a great feeling to receive recognition within the industry for the years of hard work and dedication it actually takes to be able to create such hair cut; talent will only get you so far, its all about discipline and love for the craft. It’s Art. It’s a long journey but a great one and it takes hard work and perseverance. But stay humble; you still have to go to work tomorrow.

Altin: To win this competition it will give me so much more confidence in future personally and as an educator, because there is a doll and we all have the same doll and same pic phones so it’s all skills so to win it’s big achievement for me.

Constantine: Many years of attention to the detail and hard work will be approved by the best! What else could I ask for?

Yonick: Fingers crossed hopefully we get to talk about that after the final!

Congrats, guys, and best of luck with the final stage next week!

Watch our latest interview with the PCC hosts, Dove Palmer and Tamas from Palmer & Company, talking the finalists’ entries and the big prizes coming soon HERE 

For more of the latest hairdressing news, click HERE.


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