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Access Digital Education this June

We are seriously loving L’Oreal Access. A whole host of hairdressing education in just one place. And… we’ve just seen the line up of digital classes in June.

What’s on offer

Academy LIVE

Choose your Oxydant, 2ndJune, 2pm
Explore the different Oxydants within the L’Oreal Professionnel range such as the Dia Activateur and Nutri-Developers
Join us to discover the whole Majirel range, such as Cool Cover & Majicontrast, & recap the L’Oréal Professionnel reflect families.

Academy LIVE Newcomer

Graduated Bobs, 2ndJune 4pm
Learn about angles when cutting hair & how to cut a graduated bob from start to finish when working on different face shapes.
Figure out how to implement the new disruptive innovation – Metal Detox into your colouring services.

Academy LIVE Freelance

Intro to Blond Studio, 2ndJune 11am
Recap on the whole Blond Studio range, including the new Clay Lightener & what hair types are best suited for.
What is Metal Detox?, 16thJune 11am
Learn everything you need to know about the disruptive innovation from L’Oréal Professionnel – Metal Detox.
The first episode of Colour Congress will also go live on 7th June. Tickets are available to purchase through L’Oreal Access. Spread over 3 episodes, there will be 9 hours of inspirational education content featuring UK, Ireland and International Guest Artists. Each attendee will have access to on-demand content available after each episode has aired and will receive an exclusive gift box. Episode 1: Colour is Art: Impactful Placement will feature renowned Global Artist and Balayage Specialist Min Kim @minkimcolorist from the USA and a creative placement session from Creative Director of The Haus Studio Frazer Wallace @frazerwallacecut as well as other exciting content. This episode is not to be missed!

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