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Wolf Blow

The Wolf Blow is for the shaggy clients, the ones with the 70’s fringe and the disconnected layers. Basically a... from Wolf Blow

Leng Waves

The Leng Waves looks is giving off some serious mermaid vibes. Everything our clients want from their summer hair to... from Leng Waves

Fire Knots

It’s sleek, it’s classy, it’s the fire knots. The perfect look for client’s wanting hair off their neck to keep... from Fire Knots

Braided Pony

The braided pony is giving us some serious festival feels. Want to know how to create this look on your... from Braided Pony

Baddie Curls

Big hair, don’t care! Baddie Curls are giving us all the feels and we bet your clients will love this... from Baddie Curls