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Braided Pony

The braided pony is giving us some serious festival feels. Want to know how to create this look on your clients?


Get the look

Step 1 – Prep: mist the hair with ghd bodyguard heat protect spray

Step 2 – Hair section & angle: take a 2 inch section of hair and place ghd platinum+ pointing down into the hair

Step 3 – Turn: rotate the styler 180 ̊

Step 4 – Travel: off base with 0 ̊ elevation

Step 5 – Continue: rotating until you reach the ends of the hair

Step 6 – Comb: the hair using ghd detangling comb into a low pony at the nape

Step 7 – Secure: at the nape with elastic

Step 8 – Part: the pony into 3 sections and take asmall weaving section from the middle piece

Step 9 – Braid step 1: wrap the weaving section under and around the section on the left

Step 10 – Braid step 2: take the weaving section under the middle section

Step 11 – Braid step 3: wrap the weaving section over andaround the section on the right and back into the middle

Step 12 – Braid step 4: continue this pattern, adding hair to the weaving section every time you pass the middle section

Step 13 – Continue: this until you reach the desired length and secure the hair with an elastic

Step 14 – Repeat: the curling technique to detail the pony

Step 15 – Detail: the hair line using ghd platinum+ to pinch in volume

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