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EP89 Andrew Barton and Keith Conniford discuss state registration

 In the latest edition of Respectfully podcast, host Nicky Pope was joined by Keith Conniford, registrar and CEO for the Hair & Barber Council, and the newly named patron of honour for the Hair & Barber Council, Andrew Barton. The three of them were keen to discuss the potential for making state registration of hairdressers and barbers a necessary step in order to practice as a hairdresser or barber. Currently our profession is unregulated, meaning anyone can call themselves a hairdresser or barber. Literally. There is nothing to stop somebody opening up a shop, working to cut or colour hair. It’s that simple – and possibly that scary! Enjoy the chat and see how you feel? 

Andrew Barton
Andrew Barton; session and salon stylist and new patron of honour at the Hair & Barber Council

 The Hair & Barber Council is the only statutory authority for our industry and has the mandate to campaign for state registration of hairdressing. Both Keith and Andrew feel passionately that registration is key to bringing true recognition for hairdressing as a profession and one with standards. (Scroll down to find out more about the current position in the UK)

Keith Conniford
Keith Conniford is registrar and CEO for the Hair & Barber Council

Listen to the podcast, to hear the team discuss what has changed during the Pandemic years, where are we on the route to state registration, and how the Hair & Barber Council helps both independent hairdressers, and salons. With more than 10K followers on Instagram, and a flourishing membership, it could be that we are nearing the time where real change is possible. This is one conversation that everyone in hairdressing should be part of. For more information you can follow:


State registration in the UK

Held in the name of ‘The Hairdressing Council’ which trades as the Hair & Barber Council, Keith Conniford presides over the only statutory authority for the hair and barber sector. The Hairdressing Act (including barbering) was first constituted in 1964 and says the Council is responsible for protecting and developing the register of professional hairdressers and barbers throughout the UK, which is currently voluntary. The aim is to have this converted to statutory – ie obligatory – so that in order to practice as a hairdresser or barber, you must be registered. 

When the Act is amended, then the hair industry will self-regulate –there will be no Government input.

Andrew Barton explains: “We also host the Hairdressing, Barbering and Cosmetology All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) at Westminster. This is the only APPG for the hair and barber sector and gives us unprecedented access to Government via this route. In addition, the newly formed Personal Care Sector at BEIS was a triumph for industry.”

Andrew Barton

Please do rate and review Respectfully podcast in iTunes as it helps to drive us up the charts and make hair podcasts easier to find. We have a great library of conversation for you to browse, too. See HERE


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