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Davines launches shampoo refill pouches in Essential Haircare Line

When is comes to doing our bit for the environment, we could learn a thing or two from super-sustainable brand Davines, which continues it’s quest for a greener planet, with the launch of shampoo refill pouches for its Essential Haircare Line.

The professional haircare and sustainable brand is introducing its first recyclable refill pouches, promoting the concept of circularity and reuse. Each 500ml pouch significantly reduces CO2 emissions and plastic usage by 74 per cent compared with two Essential Haircare 250ml shampoo bottles.

Saving the planet one pouch at a time

The new pouches will be available for best-selling family lines: NOUNOU, MINU, LOVE SMOOTHING, LOVE CURL, and MOMO. Since 2014 the Essential Haircare family has showcased an ingredient from Italy’s Slow Food Presidia to support biodiversity. Each shampoo caters to a certain set of hair needs and serves a unique function that always puts the environment first.

Essential Haircare, the most iconic line embodying Davines’ values, reflects the commitment to ever- evolving research for enhanced sustainability and protection of biodiversity. Since 2021, Davines has partnered with the Rodale Institute, establishing the European Regenerative Organic Agriculture Center (EROC) on 16 hectares near Davines Village in Parma, Italy, to demonstrate the multiple beneficial effects of regenerative organic agriculture on climate change mitigation and further support biodiversity conservation.


Meet the products

MINU: for coloured hair.
Action: Illuminating and colour protecting
Slow Food Presidium: Salina Caper Blossom extract, rich in quercetin with a potent antioxidant power that provides long- lasting shine and contributes to protecting the colour.

MOMO: for dehydrated hair
Action: Deep hydration
Slow Food Presidium: Paceco Cartucciaru yellow melon extract, ultra-moisturizing due to its high water content and delivers nutrients to strands with vitamins and mineral salts.

LOVE SMOOTHING: for frizzy and unruly hair.
Action: Anti-frizz and smoothing
Slow Food Presidium: Minuta Olive, packed with fatty acids and vitamins, which improves hair softness, smoothness, and favours straightening.

NOUNOU: For dry or hair damaged by treatments such as highlights, bleaching, perm or straightening.
Action: Nourishing and invigorating
Slow Food Presidium: T orre Guaceto Fiaschetto T omato extract, rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamin C.

LOVE CURL: For wavy or curly hair
Action: Elasticizing and controlling
Slow Food Presidium: Noto Almond extract, rich in proteins and vitamins, to hydrate while enhancing any type of curls.

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