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Vin+Omi – Future Flowers

Multi-media , rogue-punk fashion team Vin+Omi have a lot to show and tell, making theirs our favourite show for London Fashion Week. Eco/ethical sustainable creatives, they billed their collection as ‘Future flowers’ to consider how natural beauty will morph and change due to environmental influences. It was an exuberant show for such a vital subject as sustainability and climate change.

Brendan O’Sullivan led the KMS hair team

It’s time fashion, beauty and hair took responsibility for driving change in these sectors. Backstage, Respect chatted with Omi about the brief for the hair and why KMS proved the perfect partner for ‘Future flowers’

Omi says: “Our relationship with KMS and the Kao Corporation is a new thing – they are so down-to-earth and grounded. They jumped on board for this show and made it happen really quickly. We told them, we’re not the sort of brand who like slicked back hair, and they said okay! We sent Brendan [session stylist Brendan O’Sullivan led the team] a moodboard; we wanted everything to be a juxtaposition… everything to be in reverse.

“Vin and I wanted people to think about what if things are done in the opposite way. So in ‘Future flowers’ we have boys wearing dresses, girls in dresses being very masculine… A traditional ponytail is at the back of the head, so we asked, what if you put it at the front? A fascinator is worn over the hair, so what if it’s under the hair? We asked for braided hair, but instead of gravity pulling it down like normal, we wanted a fine braid that points upwards, like there’s no gravity. 

Headpieces made by the KMS team

“As soon as we met Brendan, we were having a laugh and it was so different. Vin and I work really hard and won’t change for anyone. KMS and Kao said do what you want to do… You have to take fashion with a pinch of salt. I think we’re very grateful for where we are, and very grateful to KMS for jumping in with us.” 

Future flowers

Some 50 models walked/danced/ran through the crowd in the Dorchester hotel ballroom this week. Vin+Omi had created dress shapes and prints to show what might happen when things become deformed, or die out, when childhood innocence falls away. Fabrics were made from sustainable textiles and materials. Copper foil fabric formed from wate copper wire, and EcoNeo, a new fabric from recylced neoprene wetsuits destined for landfill were recoloured with eco dyes. No-kill fleece garments and dresses, recycled plastic fabrics came from river-clean-up schemes… everything was thought-through. 


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