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Trevor Sorbie on Desert Island Discs

trevor sorbie art team
Hair by Tiziana Di Marcelli and Mai Ha, Trevor Sorbie art team members

Having been in the industry since the day Vidal picked up a pair of scissors (okay, maybe not quite that long), there’s not much we can’t tell you about industry stalwart Trevor Sorbie. From humble beginnings growing up in Scotland to his career defining ‘Wedge’ cut in the seventies, closely followed by the ‘Scrunch’ and ‘Wolfman’, to his multiple hairdressing award wins and MBE, we know it all. Or so we thought, until we listened to the podcast of Trevor on Desert Island Discs. It’s amazing what memories music can conjure up, so hears what some of Trevor’s top tunes reveal about him…

Johnny Duncan and His Bluegrass Boys – Last Train to San Fernando

When Trevor was growing up in the Scottish village of Paisley his mum would take him to a little cafe in Glasgow. She would buy him and Vimto and he would select this song on the Jute Box.

Trevor sorbie
Hair by Tiziana Di Marcelli and Mai Ha, Trevor Sorbie art team members

Grace Jones – Pull Up to the Bumper 

Trevor was asked to do Grace Jones’ hair and admits he was petrified, thinking she would eat him alive. “I was so nervous,” explains Trevor, “but she was really nice. I love all her tracks but I can visualise her when she sings this one.” It just so happened that the very next day Grace famously slapped TV host Russell Harty live on air. A near miss Trevor.

George Harrison – My Sweet Lord

This track Trevor wanted to dedicate two his beloved wife. “I use to go to George Harrison’s house, which was more like a medieval mansion,” recalls Trevor. “We used to sit on the steps and chat. This is my wife’s all time favourites and now it’s one of mine.”

trevor sorbie
Hair by Tiziana Di Marcelli and Mai Ha, Trevor Sorbie art team members

Duffy – Mercy 

“This song reminds me of my first date with my wife,” explains Trevor. “She’d emigrated to Cape Verde, so we decided to meet half way in Lisbon.”

George Michael – Father Figure 

This song resonates strongly with Trevor, who claims he feels it is his responsibility to lead from example. “I still sweep up hair on the salon floor and get people’s coats,” says Trevor. ” I see myself as a bit of a father figure in the salon.”

Little extras

In his interview with BBC4 show host Lauren Laverne, Trevor also revealed how he reached rock bottom and how his faithful dog helped him overcome depression and anxiety. The 69-year-old hair icon also revealed that he’ll be hanging up his scissors in a years time when he plans to stop hairdressing. However he will still continue his charity MyNewHair from his home in Gosport. 

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