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This summer’s viral TikTok hair trends

From rainbow hair to slugging, TikTok is making some of the most unusual hair trends boom right now. We’ve caught up with hair specialists at Vera Clinic who have collated a list of the most popular hair trends. We’d love to know which ones you’ve heard of, which ones you’ve tried and which ones you love.

The Wolf Cut

Taking TikTok by storm with 77,100,000 views; everyone is loving the shaggy hairstyle which creates an effortlessly chic appearance. People are achieving the look at home, tying their hair into a ponytail before creating a straight cut at the bottom. When let loose, the hair has instant texture and volume as the new layers create the iconic appearance of the wolf cut.


had a breakdown so i got a wolf cut #wolfcut #mullet #haircut

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Rainbow hair

If you’re looking to make a statement, incorporate some color into your look in time for the summer. Taking brightly colored hair to the next level, this season is seeing endless creativity within the salon as people experiment with multicoloured looks. The TikTok hashtag has 44,900,000 views and is brimming with stunning styles that scream festival season!


@manicpanicnyc #haircolor #hairdye #hairdresser #hairstyles #hairart #hairgoals #rainbowhair #hairartistry #haircut #hair #omg #wow #amazing #hairprocess #hairvid #hairvideos

♬ Love It When You Hate Me (feat. blackbear) – Avril Lavigne

Crimped hair

Throwing it back to the 80’s, the trend has come right back round and now has 22,600,000 views on TikTok. With celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Tyra Banks rocking the look for themselves, many of us are repurchasing crimpers and enjoying the statement look it creates to achieve a bigger barnet.


been my fav thing to do #hairtutorial #hair

♬ original sound – 𓆩♡𓆪

Glass hair

Being one of the newer terms to take over the internet, glass hair has rapidly built up 9,600,000 views on TikTok. Referring to super smooth and shiny hair which is described as glass thanks to its super sleek appearance, the look creates a healthy appearance to achieve a salon quality finish by cutting off any split ends and using products that create a gloss.

Hair slugging

Although the name may raise eyebrows, hair slugging consists of using a sock to lock in hair products for an intense treatment. With 8,600,000 TikTok views from those curious to try out the hack for themself, you can create shiny and nourished hair overnight, similar to the effects of a professional hair mask.


#hairslugging #slugging #hairhacks #haircarehacks #sleephairstyles

♬ Toxic x Pony – ALTÉGO


Please accept our sincerest apologies for sending you into a TikTok hole – we know what it’s like. Procrastination at it’s finest. Now get back behind your salon chair.


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