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Stellar is shooting for the stars

What’s this? A new influencer agency? The first of its kind in the hairdressing industry?  Stellar is a whole new concept for the world of hairdressing: a unique influencer agency exclusively and solely representing trade specialists, talent, and stars.

What does Stellar do?

Stellar connects talent, brands and brokers financial partnerships. Off to a flying start, they have already landed some exciting partnerships for the likes of: Keeks Reid – writer and presenter, Casey Coleman – social media star and hairdresser, Keri Blue – short hair and gender inclusivity specialist and Louis Byrne with his ‘I can, I will and I am’ well-being campaign.

Stellar is the brainchild of LWPRand will be working to connect hairdressers, industry specialists and social media creators with brands, manufacturers, salons and distributors. The LWPR team commented: “Stellar is a unique launch for the industry, truly championing the professionalism of the hairdressing world and the exceptional skills & worth of the true influencers in it.”

Redefining the term ‘influencer’ and creating truly meaningful partnerships, Stellar will be the industry intel offering talent finding & booking services whilst also handling all partnership communications & contract negotiation on behalf of its talent. With a host of influential industry names already signed up pre-launch, and a monthly reveal of new associations, Stellar will be known for its quality of influencers and ever-evolving community of talent as it welcomes established and up-coming stars alike.

 So, whether you are a star-hunting-brand looking to collaborate with creative minds or an individual hoping to join the Stellar gang then simply reach out to the team to talk through your brief or star qualities.


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