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#OpenChairNight is back!

We are thrilled to be partnering the HairClubLive as they return with the fabulous #OpenChairNight on 20th September in Putney, London. Oh how we’ve missed these amazing live events!

Jump on stage

Run like an open-mic night for hairdressers, the #OpenChairNight is your chance to grab 10 minutes in the spotlight to shine, share and inspire! Literally any hairdresser at any level can sign up to present anything you want – from trainee to award-winner. These nights attract everyone. You don’t need a professional model either, just get your friend, your brother, your mother to join you and away you go. Hosted in pubs and clubs since 2014, the point is to create a party atmosphere with a DJ playing, the bar open, and all eyes on the small stage set where presenters take 10 minutes each to show off. A traffic lights keeps time so when the light is green, you go. When its red you stop. No need to talk as you work – unless you want to. A friendly MC hosts and you’ll absolutely love it. 

For more information on this #OpenChairNight email:

If you don’t fancy a turn in the chair, then come along and watch. It’s the most fun you’ll have as a hairdresser. This first event for 2021 is in the Half Moon at Putney (close to Putney Bridge station), and heralds a return to live gathering.

Grab your tickets quick. Performers need to pay £7.50 to secure a spot. If you want to bring an assistant or buddy for moral support, go for Performer + Assistant. NB Models are FREE. To watch, you’ll need an audience ticket. Get yours here:

Entrance for OpenChairNight

Performer – 7.50 GBP
Performer + Assistant – 10.00 GBP
Audience – 6.00 GBP

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From Anne Veck and Andrew Collinge, to Ken Picton and Luke Benson… at #OpenChairNight over the years we’ve seen many people take a turn and EVERYONE loves it. Have a browse of these films to see the vibe. It’s a great way to get spotted… check how many well known faces you can see from previous tours!



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