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Dyson’s Jen Atkin shares her thoughts on summer trends

It’s only fair to say that we do miss seeing new magazine photoshoots and covers with great editorial hair work; trends have paused for a while as we are all in isolation prioritising public health and shows don’t seem to restarting soon. The fashion, beauty and hair industries are hit hard; though we know it won’t last forever. Dyson Global Styling Ambassador and celebrity stylist Jen Atkin shares her insights on how COVID-19 and increased time in lockdown has impacted summer hair trends.

Let’s hear it from Jen…

What themes are you seeing coming through in natural hair types?

Jen: There are so many women using this time to really embrace their natural texture. We’re seeing people learn how to style their hair using different techniques and products – so liberating for women that have never fully celebrated their natural texture before. For example, some curly haired women are allowing their curls to reset by switching to styling with a diffuser. As many of my curly hair friends can tell you, diffusing your hair is an art form! The diffuser attachment on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer disperses air evenly to mimic air drying, reducing frizz and delivering defined curls.

How has the limited access to professional salon services impacted the way people are styling and caring for their hair?

J: Fortunately, there are so many resources out there for women to learn how to style their own hair. The hairstylist community has really stepped up in creating content to help those at home to learn new skills in these unprecedented times. Instagram has become a hive of activity with stylists broadcasting tips and advice – @dysonhair included! The other Dyson Global Styling Ambassadors and I have been showcasing how people can get more from their Dyson machines – new ways of styling, new ways to use the tools and attachments. It’s been a real education. There are also colourists like Cassondra Kaeding that have been mailing out at-home hair colouring kits to clients for root touch-ups, which is amazing. It’s really great to see how the industry has pivoted to help those needing to style and care for their hair.

Which looks are proving popular for those looking to wash their hair less frequently?

J: Sleek low buns – this is a great style allowing you to utilize the natural oils on your hair / scalp to slick the hair back. The natural oils also give the illusion your hair is super shiny! To create this style, part hair down the middle and brush the hair back towards the nape of the neck and tie in place with a hair elastic. If you have flyaways, spray a toothbrush (not the same one for your teeth!) with hairspray and gently brush down the flyaways while using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer on the cool setting with its styling concentrator attachment for precision styling.

Jen Atkin

How do you feel people are more conscious of their hair health as a result of lockdown?

J: People are finally giving their hair the break it deserves! As a result of reduced exposure to extreme heat, heavy styling tool users are noticing a healthy change to their hair. There is a desire to maintain this improved hair health and healthier look and feel of hair after we leave lockdown. We are anticipating a trend for more people looking to achieve their same desired style, but with less heat. That’s where the Intelligent Heat Control technology within Dyson styling tools – the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, Airwrap styler and Corrale straightener – will help people to reduce their hairs exposure, in turn reducing heat damage. This unique piece of engineering, combined with a range of heat settings on each tool, ensures temperatures can be tailored for the user’s hair type and desired style, while maintaining consistent heat output.

What are your favourite go-to ‘hair-hacks’ when using a flat iron?

J: I love using my Dyson Corrale straightener to create an ‘S Wave’ by feeding the hair into the iron and forming the wave pattern while opening and closing the plates. The unique flexing plate technology shapes to gather hair, delivering a great result with half the damage of fixed plate straighteners. It’s also cord-free, allowing you to achieve outstanding style, anywhere at any time, so perfect for creating this signature summer style wherever you want; in your living room, bedroom, by the pool, or even the kitchen if that’s what you’re feeling at the moment.

What styles do you think will become a trend after quarantine?

J: Hair health has become such a big topic during quarantine, so I think investing in better quality tools, such as the Dyson machines, will continue to be a priority. I can see this becoming a huge take-away from this increased time spent at home.

What would be your go-to classic, timeless hair style for brides who have had to change their wedding plans due to the pandemic?

J: A center part, low bun is a classic style that is very easy to create yourself for those brides opting for a virtual wedding. Take one-inch sections and use the Dyson Corrale straightener to smooth the hair from roots to tip. Using an elastic band, secure the hair into a low ponytail. Twist the hair into a bun and secure with French hair pins and a light spritz of hairspray for hold. Spray a little strong hold hairspray on a toothbrush to smooth down any flyaways. You’ll have a sleek, shiny timeless style, perfect for your virtual wedding!

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