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I Can, I am & I will

Celebrity empowerment hairdresser Louis Byrne has launched a 12-week plan aimed at reconnecting stylists with themselves, their colleagues and their clients.

I Can I Am And I Will uses tried and trusted methods of self-discovery to help individuals regenerate their unique skills, creativity and wellness in order to realise their full potential.  Aimed at bringing out the very best in your salon team, the programme has been designed to help businesses increase productivity, staff retention and client loyalty.

The ‘I Can I Am And I Will’ movement came about as a result of a devastating accident which forced Louis to face multiple personal issues. He realised that it was impossible to look after clients properly without first looking after yourself and started to re-examine the transformative power of the stylist/client relationship.

The 12-week RE-set Plan includes a variety of easy-to-follow growth techniques, aimed at enhancing mental health, building confidence and boosting motivation, resulting in a happier, healthier mindset. Whether you are looking to rebuild team morale post-pandemic or want to strengthen team and client relationships for a better-performing business, I Can I Am And I Will offers an affordable and flexible way of working towards a more positive and productive outlook.

The plan begins with a questionnaire to be completed by each participant, designed to paint a clear picture of their thoughts, feelings and lifestyle. Following this, the individuals move through three four-week ‘cycles’, each offering access to exclusive motivational videos.

Weeks 1-4

‘I can’

The first cycle is focused on the individual and includes:

  • A letter to your future self
  • Gauging your happiness levels (recorded now and at the end of the course)
  • Identifying your signature strengths
  • Listing positive choices that you can easily implement

Weeks 5-8

‘I am’

The following weeks shift towards emotions:

  • Self-care ritual
  • Identifying and connecting with your emotions
  • Living in and savouring the moment
  • Listing things that you are grateful for

Week 9-12

‘I will’

The last weeks of the programme look at how to implement what you have learned:

  • Self-care ritual (revisited)
  • Setting daily goals
  • Setting daily intentions to create a life you want
  • Setting your ‘I Can I Am And I Will’ affirmation

‘ICIAIW first came out of my work with myself, then transferred across into my clients’ says Louis. ‘I saw and felt the difference in me and them… my sense of happiness and stability has seen my business life go from strength to strength and this is seen in every single one of my clients. I believe this programme holds the answers that many teams and businesses are seeking: a way to connect the team and clients in a deep, lasting way.’

All cycles are virtual, allowing participants to choose when and where to train, and include access to the ICIAMIW community group. For more information and to register interest, please head to

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