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Glowwa X Krysia West

hair health supplement natural hair growth loss strong repair damage

Krysia West, the award-winning stylist and owner of Perfectly Posh Hair and Postiche Academy, is the new Glowwa ambassador. Glowwa is a hair supplement company, whose product may help your clients suffering from hair loss. 

Krysia West

Krysia began her trichologist journey in 2019 after years of struggling with her own hair loss. She has been using Glowwa since 2021 and credits them for turning her hair loss into healthy hair. Sounds promising; Glowwa could be an ideal solution for clients suffering from hair loss.

Krysia West

Why Glowwa

Krysia will work closely with Glowwa founder, Suzanne Cooper, to educate on why hair loss occurs and how we can prevent it. Krysia says taking a supplement such as Glowa can help stop the effects of hair loss, helping your clients achieve strong and healthy hair. Undoubtedly, hair loss can have huge impacts on clients’ confidence and mental health. Understanding why hair loss occurs and knowing ways to help will allow you to support clients struggling with this issue. 

Kyrsia West

Krysia West says: “I have been using Glowwa for many years, and it’s always something that I recommend to my clients as I know that, along with the right treatment plan, they’ll see fantastic results. I wouldn’t recommend a product I don’t feel 100% confident about, and Glowwa has been key for me in my own hair health journey and restoring my hair to its healthiest. I am delighted to be joining the brand as an Ambassador and look forward to working with Suzanne and the team.”

Suzanne Cooper

Suzanne Cooper, founder of Glowwa, says: “Krysia is the perfect addition to the Glowwa team. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hair loss and hair growth, she’s one of our Glowwa success stories. We look forward to working with Krysia to share her expertise and knowledge with our existing, and a new, Glowwa audience.”

Krysia West

Fundamentals of Hair Loss

Glowwa will be sponsoring Krysia’s Fundamentals of Hair Loss course which will run throughout the year. Krysia designed the Fundamentals of Hair Loss to help stylists understand this fundamental area of hair and scalp care so they can support their clients. The course aims to define the different types of hair loss and how to diagnose them and help stylists refer clients to the right hair loss specialists. 

The course is suitable for stylists of all levels, so even if you’re new to the industry, this could be a great learning opportunity. Kryisa will discuss the products available on the market to help your clients with a holistic approach, techniques, and advances on hair loss. This new knowledge could help you gain more revenue per client and attract new business.

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