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Fudge Professional gets the low-down

Fudge Professional are giving us the low-down after delving into the minds of 2,000 women across the nation to find out about lockdown hair woes. The team at Fudge Professional collaborated with One Poll and spent the month of April surveying the over 21 year olds.

The Results

  • 63% state their hair salon appointment is their most important beauty treatment – well duh! A fab result for hairdressers
  • A quarter admitted they missed their hairdressers more than the pub – pretty impressive for a nation known as the boozey brits
  • 3 out 10 women felt less confident with their hair root regrowth – *sad face*
  •  A quarter of women are more likely to have a total hair transformation after lockdown (vs before) – well there has been a lot of time to think about this
  • A fifth indicated that they are more likely to go blonde after lockdown – well they say blondes have more fun, and after lockdown… fun needs to be had!

Fudge Pro

Interestingly, the survey also unveiled women tend to change their appearance after a trauma, break-up or… a global pandemic. As Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”
A quarter of those surveyed said they are thinking about a major hair transformation! Most said this was to recapture their confidence. Even better than that… 19% of respondents said it would be there way to celebrate the end of lockdown.

What we’ve learnt

As expected, we’re seeing women greet their hairdresser with open arms and embark on a new hair journey. We are excited to see an incredible amount of hair transformations, as women nationwide are ready for change.

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