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Feed your soul this Christmas

It’s you-time now! For Christmas week, whether you’ve chosen to, or been forced to by circumstances, this is time for you to recharge your body and soul. We asked Nicky Pope, publisher of Tribu-te magazine UK for ideas on how to recharge and recover ready for whatever 2021 brings. Nicky recommends ways to feed your soul this holiday season: 

Be proud of what you’ve achieved this year

Nicky, Justine, Lauren, Aurore, Christie
Leaving our office in March!

Scroll your phone and make a story with your favourite pictures – you’ll be surprised how much you did get done. Pictures and messages are a good reminder that 2020 wasn’t a total wipe out. Often we need reminding of what we have achieved rather than focusing on what we’ve missed. 

Now scroll your address book and pledge to send a personal text to anyone you’ve not yet seen or engaged with you might appreciate or need the contact. Even a short message can be received at just the right time; you never know what people are going through. Put the love out there, you’ll be delighted with what comes back at you. 

Emma Dabiri presents Hair Power: Me & My Afro

Watch a couple of brilliant TV shows you might have missed which you’ll find on catch up TV. Both very relatable and touching for different reasons.
I loved the beautiful but serious documentary ‘Hair Power: Me and My Afro’ on Channel 4, and laughed with affection at the heartwarming adventures of a salon on ‘Angels of the North’ on BBC 3. 

• Find time to listen to podcasts! There is so much out there for hairdressing, from our Respectfully podcast, to See Me, Hear Me with Haircuts4Homeless and more. Plus for light relief, consider my favourites: Grounded’ with Louis Theroux; Happy Place with Fearne Cotton; and Homo Sapiens with Alan Cummings and Christopher Sweeney. All very relatable and easy to listen to. A friend in your ear!

Three suggestions for the year!

• Music is my favourite mood changer. For calm or uplifting sounds – whatever you’re after. And for ultimate ‘me time’, remember to dance like nobody is watching! Big drops this year that I can recommend for being uplifting yet recognising what it’s been like include:
• How I’m feeling now by Charli XCX
• None of Us Are Getting Out of the Alive by The Streets
• Folklore by Taylor Swift

Take care of yourselves; be kind to yourself this holiday and see you in 2021!

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