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Errol Douglas Club

Errol Douglas is one of the most authentic and articulate voices in the industry! Experienced, educated and resilient, Errol talks a lot but listens, too. On stage, in the salon behind the chair, on set or backstage… he is an engaging figure with much to share in terms of skill and understanding. The launch of the Errol Douglas club has us buzzing.

Errol Douglas ClubThe Errol Douglas Club

Awarded an MBE for his services to the industry, we say Errol is the perfect blend of master and student. Eyes and heart open, he is wont to pass on his knowledge and observations, and equally to breathe in the modern hairdressing world, mindful of change and dynamics. Now revealing a new digital platform, Errol announces the Errol Douglas Club (EDC) will be a mastermind for hairdressers who want to become more successful in their salons. 

Errol Douglas ClubThe club offers weekly coaching sessions and the opportunity to join masterclasses from Errol himself and/or his friends in the industry. Big names, too. The hairdressing industry is full of talented people, says Errol. But there is a gap for individuals who don’t know what next steps to take or where to find help to make hairdressing your career, not just a job. Well put!

Joining the EDC gives you access to Q&A sessions with Errol, and take on the challenge of a monthly project, perhaps getting feedback from the group. “Our mission is to help hairdressers at any level to grow their skills so they can build a career doing what they love in an environment of support and community,” says Errol. 

Membership of EDC

Errol Douglas ClubThere are three levels of membership: Creative Member; Creative Pro; and Creative Elite. At the highest level (Elite), members will undertake four sessions annually and translate their learning into creating imagery under Errol’s tutelage. Expect the likes of Angelo Seminara, Sophia Hilton, Sam McKnight, Akin Konizi and Phil Smith to be on the screen at some point, too. 

A monthly fee is payable depending on when you join and what level. Find out more HERE

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