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The CROP 21 Programme

A brand new course has landed – this one is for the hairdressing newbies. Paul Falltrick has designed the CROP 21 programme to keep creativity at the stylist’s forefront from the beginning.

As a businessman himself, Paul knows all about the mundane feelings of your career goals feeling so far away. By tugging at a young hairdresser’s creative flair early on, it keeps them engaged and excited – a perfect way to harvest the creative youngsters who belong and want to stay and grown within the industry.

Why Crop?

Not only are we thinking of crop haircuts but we’re also associating this with production and growth. In this sense, crop has been borrowed for seeding, feeding and growing – ready to harvest the excited and cared for talent.

  • Creativity – give a creative experience early and consistently
  • Resilience – it builds boldness and opportunity to put your creative self on display
  • Opportunity – a chance to experiment, to grow confidence in creative expression
  • Purpose – to find our sense of purpose as a hairdresser and feel the creative excitement early on

Fresh Meat

The idea of embedding creative values into the industry’s new talent began to take shape as Paul Falltrick considered it was what was needed to keep them in the industry. In his own career Paul was exposed to creative opportunities very early on, “I believe this really lit the flame and it’s something I want to find a way to pass on to others.”

Aspiring, young hairdressers are not getting creative opportunities early enough, so their interest wanes and they leave. “Every hairdresser is acutely aware of how little in-take there is within the industry, and I feel strongly that we need to look at ourselves and take responsibility for this in terms of really owning up to why we are not meeting the needs of today’s intake of hairdressers,” says Paul.

The Programme

The first intake creative session of CROP 21 was in October 2021, where two immersive days were spent educating 6 complete ‘newbies’, who have just left college. These six keen individuals were given the space and encouragement to express creatively using mannequin heads (kindly supplied by Zen Hair) and the days flew with the youngsters creating mood-boards, cutting, applying colour artistically and even adding extensions.

As a follow-up, the team of six were invited to the get the chance to join the Essex hairdressing community of hairdressers at the Essex Hairdressing Event on Monday 1st November.  Paul Falltrick proudly presented their work, “The team felt they wanted their work to be shown and discussed but didn’t feel ready to step into presenting themselves, what is very important about CROP21 is that it is all about encouragement and meeting the youngsters where they are, nudging them forward but very much is not about over-whelming them! I am so proud of them, they did good!” concluded Falltrick

If you are interested in being part of the next CROP sessions contact Paul direct on @paulfalltrick @gfchairdressing @ministryofhairacademy and prepare to be encouraged, inspired and to get your creative juices flowing.


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