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The Power of Hair Extensions with Michelle Griffin

A lady that needs little introduction when it comes to hair extensions, multi-award-winning hairdresser Michelle Griffin has over 35 years of experience in the industry and is the founder and CEO of hair extensions brand Loxbox. She also owns Griffins hair salon and hair extension academy in  Birmingham and is part of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s executive board, currently sits as Chair and leads PROJECT EXTEND. 

It’s safe to say Michelle knows her stuff, so here’s her pointers on maximising on your extensions services… 

A whole new clientele

“When life is good we tend to overlook the little things. We become happy in our work and it’s so easy to feel comfortable with the results. Our clients are happy, the bookings are coming in and the team is feeling positive. But if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that nothing is ever guaranteed,” says Michelle. “Whether you’re a salon owner or a freelancer, it’s vital to have a healthy approach and always be thinking ahead.

“With people of every hair texture investing more in their hair than they did pre-pandemic, this is the perfect time to learn the application of hair extensions, and if you’re the head of a busy salon, start looking for a hair extensions pro to join the team. Even if they remain freelance, they are still bringing new clients into the space, which means that client might start booking in for colour, treatments and more.”

Another revenue stream

“Every season we sit down and think about new ways to build the business and increase profits,” explains Michelle. “Sometimes it can feel like we’ve tried it all before – loyalty cards, newsletters, emails – but sometimes it’s less about reaching out, and more about leaning in to what we can offer. Think of those requests that you’ve often turned down – I’m guessing hair extensions often come up. You might be working on someone’s wolf cut and thinking, ‘hmm, this could look even better with a bit of length added’, and if you’re thinking it, it’s likely your client is too.”

“Today’s clients are looking for time-saving solutions, so by adding extensions to the menu, they get to experience a one-stop shop. What we save them in time comes back in profits because hair extensions have a high return on investment. Once you start working with extensions clients, they will need to book in with you every 6-8 weeks to either have them removed or re-applied.”

Never stop learning

“The hair industry is the perfect example of the importance of continued education. Not only are we as hairdressers expected to provide the desired results for each and every client; we are also looked up to as professionals who know our business inside out – and that includes every single trend that emerges,” continues Michelle. “Not a day goes by when a client won’t come in with an example of a new look that they’ve seen on Instagram or TikTok. Years ago hair trends might have been governed by celebrities and inspired by the catwalk, but today, a trend can appear – and disappear – within a day.

“However, one thing that never goes away, is the desire for longer, fuller and thicker hair, and that’s one more reason to consider adding extensions to your service menu. By choosing to educate yourself on extensions application you’re not only ensuring you are learning something new – which has been proven to be vital when it comes to improving your confidence, as well as your skills – you’re also ensuring you can handle any request from mermaid waves to a waist-length supermodel look.

“Today there are a wealth of ways to learn, online and in-person and any high quality extensions brand will give you the most in-depth education to ensure you feel confident with every application. This is an incredible time for you to impact your business in a major way!”

The Fellowship

“One of the most fantastic ways to learn is to join the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, which offers an incredible opportunity to educate and embrace the world of hairdressing,” says Michelle. “PROJECT EXTEND is one of eight projects, and this is a 12 month journey which allows every individual the chance to learn from the very best brands and stylists throughout the extension world.  It is very much a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would urge any stylist looking to embark or up-skill themselves in this service to take a look at.”

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