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Penny Etheridge: The Creative Business Consultant

Meet Penny Etheridge!  With 40 years experience as an entrepreneur, Penny can identify with her clients, share her knowledge and help create tangible step changes for businesses. Tenacious in pursuing goals, and resilient in the face of set-back or disappointment; her coaching style is to instil confidence, teach new business skills, and make the journey to success fun!

With a career history that has been both challenging and rewarding, Penny has been on an adventure to be proud of. Starting out as a trainee hairdresser, Penny knew this was the profession for her. She eventually opened her own salon which quickly expanded to a four-salon hair and beauty group. Over two decades, Penny achieved an annual turnover of £2million employing 80 people. As a measure of success, the salons took 18% of revenue from retail sales (smashing the industry average of just 8%). Additionally, the salon group became one of the top five accounts for the Wella Professional brand.

Now working as an award-winning business coach,  Penny’s mantra is to always give back, never give in. “To some degree, any business rides a rollercoaster; I too have had to overcome adversity and return stronger each time. For example, working as a Growth Accelerator coach, my client list was decimated when the Growth Accelerator scheme was suddenly pulled in November 2015. I had to reinvent my business model for acquiring clients.” says Penny. “ Similarly, the emergence of the Covid Pandemic enforced the closure of the UK hairdressing and beauty salon industry – for longer than any other market sector bar hospitality – again I had to restructure my business model. Today I offer a strong, efficient and attractive online service to run concurrently with my face-to-face work practice. By Spring 2021, my consultancy service offers both remote and on-site consultancy and the clients love the choice and flexibility this provides. I am now billing my best months since 2018. I’m told my strength and determination inspires my clients, and many cite me as great role model for women salon owners in particular.”

Penny coaching the Head Romance team

Penny express her passion for the industry by working several hours on a pro-bono basis for committees and focus groups to ensure the safe practice and protection for the hair and beauty industry.

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