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Marta Echegoyen: Top tips for Instagram

Marta Echegoyen headshot

Introducing Marta Echegoyen, a luminary in the realm of beauty with a digital twist. Initially embarking on her career as an esthetician, Marta has evolved into an influential educator in the digital landscape. Her profound dedication to merging teaching with beauty has propelled her into the forefront of digital education, where she endeavors to empower industry professionals and cultivate a visually captivating digital realm.

When it comes to posting on socials – Instagram in particular – Marta’s motto is ‘quality over quantity.’ Posting without thoughtful consideration, and publishing low-quality content that does not align with your brand is not going to multiply your sales. Despite the challenges posed by the competitive nature of Instagram, maintaining a strong presence on the platform is essential for showcasing your brand and engaging with clients. Posting on social platforms is valuable, but must be done strategically – let’s take a look at Marta’s top tips.

Create an unmistakable visual identity.

Visual identity aims to make users identify your posts, stories, etc., at a glance. This can be achieved, for example, by using your logos, corporate colors, a consistent video style, the same location, a series of related videos, your typography and colors, etc. You can also achieve this

with your words when starting videos. For example, the contestants on MasterChef, on their Instagram accounts, each have their own unique way of tasting a dish. Over time, their accounts develop personality, and they may no longer need this, but at the beginning, they all say or do the same thing when tasting the recipe, they’re about to share. A greeting or a way of addressing your audience can be part of your visual identity.

Humanize the customer experience

Behind every beauty treatment, there’s a unique story. Instagram gives you the opportunity to share these stories in a visual and captivating way. Humanizing the customer experience by showing the process and results creates an emotional bond with the audience. This approach not only highlights effectiveness and results but also builds trust and loyalty among followers.

Build a community

Instagram was created as a social platform, and being part of its community is essential. Sometimes you don’t need big posts to “be” and be approachable; simply interact with your followers and colleagues in the industry or participate in challenges and trends. Building a community on social media not only expands your visibility among users (as Instagram rewards interactions) but also establishes lasting relationships.

Boost sales by educating your community

Instagram is not a platform for offers, coupons, or selling products. In fact, Instagram’s shop feature is hidden; they decided to hide it and only use it for tagging products because its purpose is not commercial but social, entertaining, educational, etc. So, if your content is based on offers, you need to change direction. A good way to “sell” indirectly and much more beneficially is to generate valuable, professional content that educates and helps your audience learn how to use your products correctly, understand the real expectations of a treatment, or which cases you can or cannot treat. This type of content is received much more warmly by users and will boost your sales without the need to talk about offers.

In conclusion, don’t post just for the sake of it, don’t pressure yourself to generate a lot of content. Think carefully about the objective you want to achieve with each post and analyze if the image and content are adding to or detracting from your brand. Less and better are better than more and worse.

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