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Liz Mckeon On-site Salon Days

Liz McKeon, CEO of The International Salon Business School, continues to travel the globe for her ‘on-site salon/clinic days’ working with business owners and their teams, helping them to transform their businesses and achieve their personal goals.

The inspiration behind these on-site days came from Liz’s many years of entrepreneurship, experiencing the highs and lows of owning her own salons, spas and clinics. Liz recognised a gap in the market for providing on-site industry business support to owners who wanted to take their businesses to full potential but were facing challenges alone.  From the launch of her on-site days, Liz has felt incredibly privileged to help 1,000’s of businesses to thrive and continue to progress with fantastic results (many doubling their services turnover and trebling retail numbers) on the back of working with Liz and putting her effective, easy to implement strategies into place.

About On-site Salon Days

On-site Days can be booked for one, two or three days, many business owners retain Liz’s services on a regular basis.

One of the many unique aspects of working with Liz is that she has never worked with a business owner who has a challenge that Liz doesn’t have personal experience of solving.

On-site Salon Days include the following: Bootcamp Days, Mystery Client Shopping, Recruitment Coaching, Transformative Coaching, One-to-one Sessions, Time Management, Staff Training and Management Training.


Liz says…

“I love my on-site days as I provide a wide range of support services such as ‘start your own business’, team training for increased performance, mystery client audits, interview & recruitment skills, when to downsize, expand or exit, management training for more effective day to day operations…….the list is endless as these days are tailor-made to the individual needs of the business and the owner.  My days are made when I get fantastic feedback from my clients about their progress, particularly when their results go way beyond what they ever imagined for their businesses and for themselves.  To have a successful business, investing in yourself is a non-negotiable must.”

Client Endorsements

Sharing her feedback on Liz’s training, Stephanie Coyne at FACE, said, “I started with Liz in 2018, I had just recently opened my own business – an Aesthetic clinic. I knew I had the skill set and extensive knowledge of the industry and in providing treatments etc. However, about 6 months in I realised I had zero idea how to run a successful clinic and team. I found Liz through word of mouth and started my journey. Within 1 year of group training with Liz, I won a businesswomen of the year award. This would never have been possible without the training and guidance from Liz. I continued group training for 2 years and sent my team on retail training days even over covid etc. 6 years on from when I started, I had a new team and decided to invest in Liz coming to the clinic to do team training – I didn’t think the training could get any better but I was blown away by this experience. Liz in 4 hours was able to get us as a team thinking and understanding 5-star customer service, individual training needs and self-acknowledgment of each of our own columns and running it successfully. I’ve never experienced anything like it. My team was buzzing and by the end of the week, everyone was smashing their targets and understanding the importance of rebooking, asking for reviews and recommendations. I learnt it’s up to me now to continue this level of teamwork within my clinic, so I have got Liz rebooked for a check in in 4 months and I will go back to the VIP training to keep myself on track and accountable. I can’t explain what this all has done for me, my team and my business. Liz just wants the best for everyone and wants everyone to realise their true potential and that to me is priceless.”

Sarah McGarry, Owner of Skin Aesthetics Skin Clinic, who had a Transformative Coaching session with Liz said, “Since working with you over a year ago, I have nearly tripled my business and I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that could have been possible. I am also so much happier and have a great sense of fulfillment in my job. I am reaching goals and targets I set for myself that I thought were completely unrealistic. You have taught me that if I can believe in it, I can achieve it. I want to say thank you so much. Your knowledge is invaluable, and I have learnt so much from you and continue to learn from you”.

Liz McKeon is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary industry leader with a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to thrive.

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