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Rokkebony Salon: SURGE

Simplistic haircuts brought to life with movement which is strong and wavelike, we adore the looks in this collection by Rokkebony salon in Australia. Clever placement of colour and a restrained styling make this appealing. Bravo to the team.
The press release describes in detail the concept for Surge:
There is a definite flow throughout SURGE with the connecting element being waves in various forms. Simplistic haircuts brought to life with movement, influenced by rounded exaggerations that push and stretch the cuts into a new vision of hair styling.
Innovative colour application emphasises the contouring of the styled haircut shapes with clever placement and colour selections to enhance and compliment the individual.

The foundation was set by the classic haircut concepts. The shapes feature progressive tailored techniques that assist in creating the detail of the mouldable vibrations and rippled effects throughout the hair styling.
The styling is influenced by modern Japanese culture; featuring bold contrasting colours, raw edges and layered natural textures like linen and silk.
There is an evident movement in the world where individualism is being celebrated and SURGE embraces this through its use of dynamic and individual girls. Each personality wearing their hair as their accessory specialised to them. Capturing these personalities along with an attitude or an emotion, through its use of portraiture photography, drawing the viewer in to take a second look.

Hair stylist: Daniella Barca. Hair colourist: Pina Mercuri. Salon: Rokkebony. Make-up: Sarah Baxter. Clothes stylist: Alanna Barca Gay. Photography: Michaela Barca.

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