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Oceania Nextgen

Five international artists awarded in the recent edition of Live Fashion Hair competition in Spain have come together to create a stunning, avant-garde collection Oceania Nextgen. Enjoy!

A world under the sea

Oceania Nextgen is the reflection of a history without creative limits. The hair is inspired by the impossible shapes, colours, textures that emerge from the water to transport us into a mystic world. (See the collection then scroll for details on individuals)

Sam Bell (Best Female Commercial Collection)

Sam Bell

Her inspiration behind this look was a bad girl, new girl mafia. “I wanted to showcase how beauty can compliment rawness, power and defiance in a look by using natural textures like shells and wood to give dimensions and a nod to the sea bed and marine ode, incorporating strength in a blunt baseline.” This is not dictated by gender, it is controlled by confidence.

Mark van Westerop (Best Male Collection)

Inspiring by the volcano Tindaya in Fuerteventura island, Mark imagining what it would be like in full action, brought his to this color palette from a climax in the core with deep violet tones, merging into intense reds, flaming copper tones and amplifying them with a diversity of structure and texture to an organic end result.

Kumenhair (Best Avant Garde Collection)


As the front flippers of a marine animal will be, Kumenhair is inspired, working two structures of natural hair full of lines, to generate volume with air and transparency and achieve a humid appearance, thus reflecting its habitat, the water. Kumenhair uses his innovative technique called UMA, a tool for professional use with which you can generate an infinite number of lines until you reach the desired texture. UMA works with more skill and perfection to achieve figures never before achieved. A technique that fully develops your ability and skill as a professional. His enthusiasm is to be different and to generate totally adaptable looks in different artistic proposals.

Louise Vlaar (Best Creative Color Collection)

Louise Vlaar

She really loves the under water world! A lot of her inspiration I get from it. “It’s so amazing how al the colors come together.” For this look, she wanted to make different colors with big contrasts but still blend it in softness. One of her biggest dreams is to go scuba diving and to see those beautiful colors and textures in real life.

Richard Ashforth (Best Hairdresser of the Year)

Richard Ashflroth

He wanted to create something oversized, a slightly extreme version of classic shape which would look and feel a little too big! “I like the idea of contrast – playing with volumes and textures to create simple statements about shape and balance.” Richard apply a technique using a ponytail base placed high on the head. “I first crimped the ponytail using mini-crepe before I built up the base shape. Then, using Japanese hair padding, I constructed the volume before dressing the real hair over the top to create the final shape.” The pink colour was finally added using hair weft, secured at the base of the shape.


Producer: Live Fashion Hair @livefashionhair. Producer manager: Orlando Martín @orlandoicon Art Direction: Gumidafe Gutiér @gumidafegutier
Photographer: Alfonso Bravo @alfonsobravo_oficial 
Styling: Gumidafe Gutiér @gumidafegutier Rubén DLima @rubendlima MUA: Juan Castañeda @iamjuancastañeda Yely Rodríguez @yelyicon
Nails: Yarely Nails @yarely_salon_de_belleza 
Hair assistant: Yai Hernández @yaihcolorist Yuleymi @yuleymi01
Photo Retoucher: Lamalpartida @la_malpartida

United in the same direction and motivated by creation and innovation in hairdressing, Oceania Nextgen is the reflection of a history without creative limits.

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