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Homage: Pauline McCabe

Homage is the latest collection from Pauline McCabe and is – as the name suggests – a homage to the work of Ara Gallant, the first paid session hairdresser for Vogue. Ara Gallant’s work has inspired many hairdressers over the years, with his legendary structure, form, and technique that saw him rise to fame in the 60s.

Strong and structured

“I wanted this to be about clean lines, to show the skill in classic techniques made relevant and modern,” explains Pauline. “Structure, strong shape, volume, curves, restraint. There’s almost an abstract quality to the shapes, dressing, finger waves, pin curls, and a paring back in the images.”

The style of Ara Gallant’s hair mastery is complimented by the photographic style of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn – to whom the collection also pays respect. These artists worked across an era that gave rise to black and white portraits and fashion photography, a timeless style that we still draw inspiration from today. 

A time beautifully captured Pauline!


Hair: Pauline McCabe, photographer: Patrick Schuttler, stylist: Zoe Van Zanten, make-up Artist: Hendra Widjaja

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