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Exposure is Fabriq‘s first ever collection led by award-winning hairdresser and global ambassador, Sally Brooks. In the Exposure campaign, Sally wanted to capture and expose the models’ true sense of self through the lens and through their hair. The models’ natural hair was celebrated and transformed into the hair they wanted it to be using Fabriq treatments and products which gives them stronger and healthier hair that’s easier to manage. It’s their hair, but the best version exposed to the world, thanks to Fabriq.

Who are Fabriq?

A new brand built on the strongest foundations. Fabriq comes from the team behind KeraStraight and Innoluxe and is a natural progression of their unique protein-based approach to healthy, strong and easy-to-manage hair. The belief that everyone should have the freedom to unleash their hair with the style they choose runs loud and clear through the DNA of all three brands.

Think of Fabriq as a family of treatments and products that work together to create the perfect canvas so you can unleash your creativity on the healthiest, strongest, easiest-to-manage hair you can imagine.

The concept of Exposure

Exposure was to embrace everyone’s unique styles and hair textures while capturing this in a moment on camera. We really leaned into photography as a theme for showcasing your sense of identity and owning your own image.

We want to expose your true sense of self and the freedom that can bring, showing how versatile healthy hair can be, while giving you the tools to enjoy the very best version of yourself.

With an incredibly dynamic and industry focused eye, Sally designed the collection to be relatable to everyone – no matter their hair type. She focused on easy to manage, understated styles that felt relevant to real people – because great hair has the power to define our identities, and Fabriq allows us to wear it exactly how we want to every day.


Art Direction: Sally Brooks • Team Fabriq: Nikita Fisher, Rheanna Wood, Karoliina Saunders, Kayleigh Twigg, Lauren Bell, Jamie Brooks • Photographer: Jack Eames • Videographer: Greg Barnes • Makeup Megumi Matsuno

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