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Vortex is an avant-garde collection and a collaboration between the Van Michael Salon Team and Antoinette Beenders with the Aveda Artists. We admire the creativity here. It’s always good to look at more artistic collections for inspiration. And this one certainly gives us plenty. For 2024, the Van Michael Salon team prioritises a unique approach to colour and technique. 

Ashley McCarty

Vortex is as creative as it is intense. Here’s what Ashley McCarty, co-director of colour for this shoot and Van Michael Salons, has to say:    

“We changed our perspective with this collection—we usually look downward at the guests in our chair, but here we focused from the bottom up to the top, and layering colours to create soft, fluid dimension.”  


Unsettled sky

Aveda says Vortex draws inspiration from the hues of an unsettled sky. We can see a mix of moody tones, including charcoal, slate grey, deep lilac, and reflective silver. The result? An electric and lively collection. Bravo! To pair with these bold colour combinations are shapes and styles with an untamed energy.    


Joey Hooten

Joey Hooten, co-director of colour for this shoot and Van Michael Salons, says: “We wanted to elevate the concept of a tornado with this collection. We loved building the colour from the bottom up, similar to a cyclone shape.”      


Aveda’s vegan colour brought this collection to life:   

  • Aveda full spectrum permanent, full spectrum vibrants, full spectrum demi+ and enlightenment bonding   
Aveda’s Botanical Repair

To ensure hair remained healthy, the team used an Aveda haircare routine consisting of:  

  • Aveda botanical repair professional equalizing primer with botanical repair professional hair strengthening additive. The botanical repair professional bond activator: light    

Botanical repair strengthening shampoo and conditioner helped keep hair vibrant and strong for colouring. 

Vortex invites you to immerse yourself in electrifying transformations and boundless creativity. So, let yourself be inspired.    


Creative directors: Antoinette Beenders, Hannah Ruth Evans • Co-directors, hair colour: Ashley McCarty, Joey Hooten • Hair colour: Michael Cassidy • Hair cut: Daniel Holzberger, Jeffery Goldenstein, Brandon Darragh • Texture director & styling: Kenneth Dawson • Texture director & hair colour: Nevada Blue • Hair styling: Christy Hubbard, Ginger Rowland • MUA: Peter Phung • Wardrobe styling: Claire Neviasier • Photography: Lauren Krysti • Photo assistants: Harvy Moon, Greg Schaal • Production manager: Jay Pollard • Graphic designer: Chris Larson • Writer: Mary Armstrong   

Find out more about Aveda HERE


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