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Shade Selection

When it comes to shade selection COLOR.ME have made it a creative yet simple process. The fashion forward portfolio is made up of completely intermixable shades, including HIGH.LIFT, BOOSTER, TONER, and CLEAR. Allowing maximum freedom and creativity for colourists! 

It’s 3-step technology is what really impresses us. It all starts with the Oxidation delay; when shades are mixed with an activator the oxidation process is delayed for 5-10 minutes. This ensures even application and penetration of the colourants into the hair for the most effective and best coverage. Special micro pigments are then deposited and penetrated deep into the hair shaft for shinier and healthier looking hair. Finally, The molecular couple guarantee. Without getting too technical, this innovative technology results in fewer skin irritations, allergic reactions, and less pollution to our water and environment (Fantastic!)

Kevin Murphy Colour Wheel


With four lighters available, ranging from 7-9 levels of lift, it’s clear that COLOR.ME really do have the colourist’s creativity at the forefront of their mind. The dust-free POWDER.LIGHTENER is suitable for all lifting techniques with its ability to adjust the consistency to suit your preference. But why only use this one when another may help you achieve something even more fabulous?

ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER will give you up to 9 levels of lift. We’re thinking of the crispiest, cleanest of the blondes. COLOR.ME are not missing a trick, as this lightener has a bond protection which preserves the integrity of the hair whilst it’s being lifted.

The hydrating and conditioning ingredients (yes, I am still talking about lighteners) in the CREAM.LIGHTENER makes this one a bit more gentle on the hair. However, with balayage being the most requested colour service, according to Gareth Hassall, UK educator for COLOR.ME; there was going to have to be a clay-based lightener too. FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER is ideal for (yep, you guessed it) freehand colour!

Color Me Blonde


The CREAM.ACTIVATOR which comes in various concentrations, is exclusively formulated to maximise the qualities of the COLOR.ME shade selection. The creamy consistency creates a beautiful colour mix and is easy to apply with no running or dripping. Making the client’s hair feel luxurious after the process.

It doesn’t stop there… both 3.5 vol and 10 vol come as a LIQUID.ACTIVATOR too, making the colour the perfect consistency for a quicker application – especially if you are using the applicator bottle. Ideal for toning, but also used with shades and boosters, we think it’s a great way to up-sell and maximise services at the basin.

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