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Meraki – the latest collection from Joico creative artist and Joico european design team member. Sevda Durukan shows the wide breath of Sevda’s skills and techniques when working on hair of all textures and lengths. Showing the strength of her work, the collection knows no bounds and features short textured hair, expressive colors and long hair that allows Sevda to create textures and colors that add a new dimension to even the longest hair. 

Meraki means to do something with soul, creativity, and love, to put something of yourself in your work, and that is exactly what Sevda has done with this inspirational collection.  Sevda has created the magic of Meraki – the difference between just working rationally or in Sevda’s case by adding the heart. Sevda is passionate about her work and her creative photographic work has brought her plaudits from all around the globe. With Meraki, Sevda is pushing the boundaries of the art of hairdressing, developing her imagination to create diverse shapes which depict strength and power. 

Each look takes on a different stance, and the clothes styling is integral to each look adding a boldness to the collection. These looks aren’t for the faint hearted – they are for strong women, proud of their individuality and Sevda has used their hair to accentuate their uniqueness and originality.  Larger than life shapes flow like a glistening copper mane and the classic bob has been individualised not only by a beautiful pink tone but with soft waves brushed out giving this look its stand out shape. The texture of Afro hair has been used to create a beautiful anti-head shape – it’s the juxtaposition of light and dark, soft, and intense. 

The shorter hair has an edge of innocence, provided by contrasts of light and dark color with a glass like shine coveys the soul of Sveda’s collection. Looking back to go forward, Sevda has taken the mullet into the next decade by creating a multi textured look – straight hair fused with almost wet like texture.  Showing that long hair can be as versatile as shorter hair, Sevda has created two looks that show how malleable long hair can be. Long straight hair uses colour and texture to create a standout shape enhanced by the collection’s make up and styling and mermaid like hair in tones of blue, green, and indigo have created a braid quite like no other. 

Meraki has Sevda’s personal and creative touch imprinted upon it. She has put her heart and soul into her craft and gives us something that is strong, powerful, and exceptionally beautiful. 


Hair:  Sevda Durakan • Make Up: Yvonne Nussdorfer • Styling: Julia Muller • Photographer: Giel Domen & Kenneth Vandevelde

For more information on the colour world of JOICO, click HERE.


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