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Meet Dr Syed

Dr Syed – the founder of Avlon – knows a thing or two when is comes to formulating hair products for Black and Afro hair. The Master Chemist always has ‘the science of haircare’ at the forefront.

Avlon Industries was founded in 1984 and Dr Syed’s goal was to create the highest performing and technologically advanced products for women of African descent which has been achieved over the last 40 years. “Because of the social attitudes at the time, many Caucasian chemists weren’t keen to work for companies making products for textured hair,” he says. Establishing his own company was “pretty taxing” as he travelled from state to state, all over the US, selling the products from the back of his car.


Avlon Models

Today the company employs many family members and is strong on building a sense of community. Dr Syed now has 143 employees – from diverse racial and religious backgrounds – and Avlon products selling in 60 countries worldwide. “Avlon is and always will be about changing lives,” he enthuses. “We’re a community brand. The community is at the heart of what we do. And no one would disagree with that.

Dr Syed remains very much hands-on and works alongside his team of chemists at the Avlon Research and Development Centre in Chicago. What began in the USA, is now a worldwide operation with a European HQ here in the UK. This is a massive benefit to hairdressers in this country – global acclaim with local support.

For more details on Avlon Europe please contact:

For more Avlon news click HERE


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