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INDOLA launches new Street Style collection

With the sun trying to break through the clouds and the rain and a new season slowly creeping up on us, Indola gets this opportunity to warm you up and make you think spring with a stunning new Street Style collection.

The inspiration

This season’s three new looks explore the normcore trend, generally associated with the early 2000s where grunge met pop and casual met elegant; when the hair became a canvas to express this trend to its fullest. The looks are effortlessly cool – the normcore trend has evolved and is brought direct to you with layering techniques that highlight contrasting cuts and complementary colours that add dimension and emphasis! ⁠

Styling simple staples with luxurious prints, the effortlessly cool, normcore combines comfort with a considered aesthetic.

Indola’s global ambassador Paddy McDougall gives his insight on the new Street Style looks: “The new season is all about using layers of colour to create dimension and texture within the hair. The use of subtle and contrasting, blending and clashing variations of tone and depth create street style inspired, aspirational, infinitely wearable hair colour. This is especially true for the nouveau brunette shades within the collection which controls warmth to capture perfectly this season’s most sought after shade, the ash brown.”

Indola’s global ambassador Andy Smith comments: “The new Street Style collection brings a variety of different looks, lengths and textures. We created looks that go from a bob, to a mullet, to a long conventional layered cut. We wanted to create lots of movement but also showcase shape and structure to each look, the looks are fresh with easy to follow techniques. The inspiration behind the looks come from the ‘90s, the looks are clean but also dishevelled 90’s as in the layered mullets as well.”

The looks

High Contrast Bob

The High Contrast Bob combines graphic shapes that evokes the ’90s classic bob with a playful shorter length and a statement fringe to give the look a contemporary touch. The colour created by global ambassador Paddy McDougall is defined by the statement fringe as it creates a face-framing look and the palette of natural tones fixates on the normcore concept.  It screams late ‘90s/early 2000s where the palette of gold and ash is combined to create a contemporary colour. A graphic shape with a statement fringe give that perfect contemporary touch.  The haircut created by Andy Smith is all about combining a playful shorter length with a statement fringe. The square shape in the nape reminds every one of the ‘90s classic bob whilst the texture is smooth and sleek in order to really showcase both colour and shape of the haircut. 

Effortless Blonde

Inspired by the late ’90s series “Beverly Hills 90210”, the Effortless Blonde look is one that works for every taste. Highlights in the long blonde hair are redefined with a modern silhouette and a classic layered shape. The colour brings soft touches of sand and neutral hues for a blonde that is effortlessly glowing. The cut has a dishevelled airy feel that complements the softness of the chosen colour palette whilst the texture gives really uncomplicated vibes with weightless ends and a soft wave.

Ash Brown

The Ash Brown is the sophisticated rebel – a look with “chunky highlights” modernised with a brand-new ash colour palette. This looks stays true to its rebel roots with a messy texture and a soft fringe for an edgy, modern vibe. This colour is based on an ash and chocolate palette which redefines the concept of a brunette with a bold contrast. The cut is then a layered style with a soft fringe to showcase an effortlessly chic vibe of the ’90s girl whilst the texture is kept messy for “a touch of a rebel in a sophisticated look” vibe.

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