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Helping salons create a more sustainable society

Takara Belmont sustainability

With climate change, escalating energy bills and economic challenges dominating the headlines daily, change is vital for the salons industry. Running a more energy efficient business is more important than ever – not only to mitigate rising costs, but also to conserve energy and contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet.

Increasing numbers of salons are now adopting an environmentally conscious approach with sustainability at their core. They’re also chiming with the public mood as clients gravitate to greener salons that deliver the luxury they want in a more responsible way. This approach creates new opportunities too. Becoming greener attracts more clients, plus it reduces waste and saves money. 

As the world’s leading furniture and equipment brand, Takara Belmont takes this issue seriously. Delivering products with longevity in mind, as well as integrating new technologies to reduce energy consumption are reinventing how modern salons function. 

The enduring qualities of Takara Belmont

Unlike inferior products, Takara Belmont’s furniture and equipment is designed to last, both visually and functionally. National sales manager Katie Wrighton explains: “Classic design is at the heart of our range, and this is an important factor when it comes to sustainability. Many of our chairs, such as the Apollo 2 and Adria II for example, have transcended fashion to remain aesthetically relevant for decades. As a result, salons don’t need to keep changing chairs because they go out of vogue. In combination with world-class manufacturing, Takara Belmont supports salons’ sustainability ethos by helping them save money in the long-term.”

With every product manufactured to best-in-class standards, this philosophy is also supported by an established service culture. “Salon’s choosing Takara Belmont have the added reassurance that parts, service and support will always be on hand,” continues Katie. “When inferior equipment breaks down, salons not only suffer financial loss from breaks in service continuity, they often need to replace equipment because parts and servicing are simply not accessible.”


 Energy efficiency

In addition to employing the most advanced manufacturing processes and sourcing the highest quality materials and components as sustainably as possible, Takara Belmont ensures its chairs, furniture, processors and backwash equipment are as energy efficient as possible.


Supporting salons to act for the creation of a sustainable society

Just one example is the water-saving showerhead on its backwash units. As a result of the brand’s efforts to save water, production now includes a new water-saving specification as of September 2022*. This results in water savings of approximately 20% (depending on the model, construction, and usage conditions), compared with their previous shower head. “This feature typically reduces water consumption from 10.7 litres per minute to just 8,” says Katie. “It achieves this while maintaining the same washing sensation, as well as reducing utility costs and CO2 emissions.”


Expanding the possibilities of hair design

Takara Belmont’s approach to energy saving innovation has not come about as a reaction to current environmental issues. It’s inherent in their philosophy and Roller Ball processor is a case in point. Originally introduced to the global hairdressing industry in 1989, Roller Ball II created a new colour processing sensation by halving processing time and producing more vibrant and enduring colour results. Roller Ball F mobile and Roller Ball F wall-mounted versions have seen an evolution of this original concept.

By introducing the industry’s first high-purity carbon element (99.8% purity) in an infrared hair processor, Roller Ball F takes just 2 minutes to reach its optimum operating temperature – less than half the time required by a conventional ceramic element. This means that Roller Ball F increases workflow and energy efficiency, as well as accelerating colour, treatment and perming processes. “For salons, this means servicing more clients per day which boosts colour revenue, as well as increasing energy efficiency,” says Katie.

With the awareness and importance of setting and achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs), along with an increased interest in caring for the global environment among salons, Takara Belmont is shaping the future of a more environmentally responsible hairdressing industry.

Be part of our journey to a more sustainable salon by visiting

For more news from Takara Belmont, click HERE.

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