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Champion shape-shifters

Clearly the Avlon brand is a revered champion for Afro-heritage hair. We make this assertion based on Avlon being founded back in 1984 by Dr Ali. N Syed specifically to create the highest performing and technologically advanced products for women of African descent. And expand on our claim by directing you to study the extensive and eclectic portfolio of products; loved and relied upon by hairdressers globally. Professional quality for salon-use extends into retail choices for the client, and everyone is happy. We can highly recommend you read on to discover more – and visit our other features by clicking the relevant links.

While the Avlon portfolio in its entirety is wide-reaching (there really is something here for every type and textured hair from curly to coily), it’s well-organised. Labelled clearly and arranged in ranges, you’ll find each one easy to navigate. Simply focus on assessing the textures in your client’s hair and what you need to nourish, rejuvenate, reshape or style. You can cocktail or layer products for great effect. Here’s a precis of what you’ll find:


KeraCare® is committed to equipping you with the best possible products to help maintain your client’s style without sacrificing the health and strength of their hair or scalp, however they wear their hair: natural or chemically treated.

Avlon Affirm Aftercare


Affirm® MoisturRight™ and StyleRight™ Hair Maintenance Products enhance hair health through an infusion of moisture. Scalp Therapy is a new range, designed for superior care. Developed with nanotechnology for more effective absorption than has ever previously been possible, the products contain strengthening proteins, scalp therapy agents and natural moisturisers.


The Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System consists of state-of-the-art products that condition the hair before, during and after relaxing. The system offers phenomenal straightening, while retaining up to 81% of original fibre elasticity. Affirm leaves hair feeling soft and looking healthy.


The relaxer system for stronger, healthier hair, FiberGuard retains more of the hair’s natural tensile strength compared to conventional relaxer systems. It conditions the hair before, during and after processing and is formulated with our Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC), to reinforce the hair structure during relaxing.


The Texture Release™ System is heat activated and contains amino acids and conditioning agents which penetrate deep into the hair’s fibre for styling versatility. This affords clients an optional textural change and was formulated specifically for curly hair, with additional conditioning and moisturising benefits for the hair and scalp.

Broaden your expertise

As well as looking after hair, Avlon is keen to help you upskill. By growing in confidence and adding to your repertoire of knowhow in caring for hair, styling and shape-shifting, you’ll grow your business, too. Building reputation and loyalty, you’ll enjoy increasing demand for your Afro-texture hair services; it’s a growing market and you can part of it. In the UK, Avlon Europe  frequently shines a spotlight on its talented hairstylists and educators, offering training and ideas on marketing to your clients. Family is how the team at Avlon regard themselves; as strong sense of community means growing, learning and flourishing together.


To join the champions, you need knowledge. Avlon Europe provides educational events for allcomers, helping to keep skills sharp and improve your understanding of products, trends and innovations. Here in the UK, Jacqui McIntosh is Avlon’s Director of Education and is responsible for developing the UK’s education programme across each of the technical fields including; cutting, chemical relaxers, and style and texture. Friendly, calm and extremely insightful, Jacqui sure does know her stuff!

Engaged with training in the classroom and the salon, Jacqui helps Avlon stay connected to preoccupations of modern hairdressing wherever you’re working. From acquiring new technical skills, to putting them into practice behind the chair, and helping clients with all types of curly to coily or zigzag hair; you’ll benefit from Avlon’s grounded approach. This can range from addressing the root causes to common conditions such as dry/itchy scalps, hair loss, and how to recover hair condition. It’s remaining in touch with the practice of hairdressing that help the brand ensure products are targeted, relevant and efficient. Online features and consumer messaging ensures Avlon is supporting your business.

To find out more, visit or contact:

For more Avlon news click HERE


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