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Being Separated From Your Dog Can Cause Hair Loss

August is hair loss awareness month, and it turns out there are some causes of hair loss that even came as a surprise to us!

If your a dog owner, we hope we’ve got your attention… As you start to leave the house more, getting back to the salon and even getting your social life back; don’t be alarmed if both you and your dog start suffering with hair loss. Who’d have thought it?

As we start to leave our fury friends, Mark Blake, globally renowned Trichologist for Nioxin says we should be prepared for the possibility of hair loss. “It’s ironic that August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, and we anticipate this will be a record month in our clinics seeing new clients suffering from hair loss. Due to stress and Covid, hair loss has been on the increase for the last 6 months in particular, and now, as the country begins to open up again, I think we’re going to see a whole new phase of hair loss. This time, from pet owners missing their dogs. We’ve all been used to seeing our dogs 24/7, and it’s going to be a big ordeal for many people having to leave them again,” says Mark.

Seems almost unbelievable right? This is actually a condition that Trichologists around the world are calling Canis Telogen Effluvium. “Traditionally this is a hair loss that happens from stress after someone’s dog dies. However, after being with our pets for so long now, I suspect being apart from them will cause an element of hair loss,” he says.

Can dogs suffer too?

“Yes, I believe they can. In the same way that stress impacts on our bodies, it impacts on a dog too. Do not be surprised if they are stressed and anxious as we start to leave them again, and as a result start sheading more hair,” says Mark.

How to combat hair loss

Mark reccomends using Nioxin’s 3 step system kits – a shampoo, conditioner and a treatment. There are six kits to choose from based on
the severity of thinning and if hair is coloured or chemically treated.

And for your four legged friend, Mark says plenty of brushing. However, if shedding is severe you best to get some veterinary advice.

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