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ALFAPARF Milano sponsors Inspirational Minds online event

We have some good news from ALFAPARF Milano. The Italian brand has announced its sponsorship of The Fantastic Hairdresser’s Inspirational Minds online global event; a digital event aiming to inspire and also raise funds for The Hair and Beauty Charity.

Following the success of The Fantastic Hairdresser’s Inspirational Minds event for 2019, the guest speakers and the organisers decided that the planned for 2020 but cancelled due to pandemic event should go ahead, in some form, in 2021. The central organising team at TFH have developed a four-week online Inspirational Minds global event, sponsored by ALFAPARF Milano and presented by The Fantastic Hairdresser. 

Whom and what we’ll see

Tom Connell

This unique event will take place over the month of March and will bring together 14 of the most inspiring and passionate industry icons to lift and energise our community for 2021. The list includes names like David Donnellan, CEO of Xpert Professional UK, distributor of ALFAPARF Milano in England.

David Donnellan

“Inspirational Minds will help those in the industry to put 2020 firmly in the rear-view mirror and engage the senses, imagination and commercial drive that we all have to have ready-to-go when it’s required. So there is a commercial dimension and a rediscovery of the passion that is the reason why most of us entered the beauty and hair sector. 25% of the ticket sales will raise funds for The Hair and Beauty Charity and this gives us a chance to show the generosity and sense of giving that I know is the heartbeat of this sector”, says Donnellan.

Carolyn Newman

Alan Austin-Smith and the award-winning stylist Fiona Connolly will be hosting a line-up that boasts Adam Reed, Tom Connell, Carolyn Newman, Harriet Stokes, Sean Dawson, Robert Masciave, Daniel Granger and others.

The four-week programme will be based around the themes of Austin-Smith’s best-selling book ‘The Fantastic Hairdresser’ with each week focussing on different characteristics. A video and podcast from Alan will go live each Monday to introduce the programme for the coming week. Tuesday will be ‘Main Stage’ day, with the guest speakers of the week and their pre-filmed videos on the spotlight and on ‘Green Room Wednesday’, the week’s featured speakers will be interviewed by Fiona Connolly.

Adam Reed and Sean Dawson

Tickets are £200 (plus VAT) for a salon ticket, with £50 of that going to the Hair and Beauty Charity while single tickets are also available. For more info and to get your tickets click HERE and…tune in!

For more news from ALFAPARF Milano click HERE


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