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EP05 – Changes in the hair colour market with Ceri Cushen & Carolyn Newman

With bolder colours becoming more fashionable, we talk to Carolyn Newman and Ceri Cushen about the changes and trends they see in the colour market.

The power of social media has encouraged clients to be more adventurous with their hair, however… this can often result in client’s having unrealistic expectations as many of you will have experienced. We discuss, too, whether it is ever right to turn clients away if you have reservations about what they want, and expect from you. We also touch on the growing range of colour products that are now available, from plex technology to pigmented shampoos to consumer colours. As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts on everything we discuss… 

On the panel

Carolyn Newman– an award winning colourist, who is passionate about the science behind applying colour. Carolyn teaches her colour courses and seminars all over the UK. Understanding the needs of various salons, Carolyn creates bespoke training programs to suit the size of the team and brand of products you use.

Ceri Cushen– Manager and colour director of Metropolis Hairdressing, Kingston, Ceri has also created hair for tv, film, music videos and the fashion world. It doesn’t stop there… Ceri also specialises in human hair extensions and wig making and was the UK extensionist of the year in 2014.

Hot topics:

  • Big changes in colour market – 50 secs
  • Colour products – 2 mins 30 secs
  • Bold colours – 3 min 45 secs
  • Social media inspiration- 5 mins 4 secs
  • Cost of services – 7 mins 26 secs
  • Consumer colour products – 8 mins 47 secs
  • Colour shampoos – 12 mins 39 secs
  • Plex technology – 14 mins 37 secs
  • Allergy testing – 15 mins 20 secs
  • Colour placement – 17 mins 50 secs
  • Colour experts – 18 mins 46 secs
  • Consultation – 21 mins 11 secs
  • Broader clientele – 26 mins 12 secs
  • Grey hair – 28 mins 38 secs


Hosts: Nicky Pope, Lilly Cox
Guests: Carolyn Newman, Ceri Cushen

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