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EP85 Leigh Keates & Stewart Roberts explain how to talk to anyone!

On this episode of the Respectfully podcast, session stylist Leigh Keates and hairdresser Stewart Roberts from Haircuts4Homeless join Nicky Pope to discuss language and how to talk to anyone! 

Setting up Haircuts4Homeless – a charity to offer hairdressing services through a network of pop-up salons run by volunteers – Stewart is well aware of the transformative power of a hair cut.
He’s also got a lot of advice about how to talk to vulnerable guests in a salon, and importantly, how to talk without judgement. Nicky asks him how anyone considering volunteering might prepare for conversations with people facing particularly challenges through being homeless. 
Throughout 2020 and 2021, Leigh worked alongside Stewart, tasked specifically with capturing actual comments and conversations between the Haircuts4Homeless volunteers and people they have helped. He has beautifully and succinctly recorded moving and interesting observations which now feature in the book Hear Me See Me, published recently to raise funds for Stewart’s work, and keep the Haircuts4Homeless charity alive. Leigh reveals how he initially felt the enormity of the role he played, and gradually came to feel more comfortable and confident in talking to the homeless guests. 
You can  buy Hear Me See Me online HERE
And if you’d like to donate, or set up a regular payment, click HERE
To volunteer – there are many projects around the UK – you need to give just two hours a month. Find out more HERE
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