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EP24 – Simplify your business with Linton Husbands and Russell Barker

This week, we’re talking about how to simplify your business. How to bring order and clarity to you and your team, and importantly enable your business to grow and remain consistant. Our guests help us to identity some easy steps which will make a big impact on your business, and your profitability too. They are perfectly placed to get some insights on how to maximise your business in today’s demanding hairdressing market… Let’s meet them: 


Linton Husbands:
Having spent most of his career in the hairdressing industry, Linton spent the majority of this time working on the manufacturing side of the trade working his way to MD for one of the major product companies.  For the last 7 years he has been MD of Group Momentum, the trade name for a company that owns and number of well-known hairdressing salon brands.  

Russell John Barker:
Former Business and Operations Director and shareholder in Mahogany Hairdressing, Russell has more than 30 years experience of building up an internationally recognised hairdressing brand from day one up to the point where the company employed more than 120 staff, had a flagship salon in London Mayfair, and one of the most sought after International Creative Teams.

Hot Topics:

1m 37s – The importance of systems
3m 25s – Where can a small business owner start?
4m 55s – Know your costs
8m 26s – Simplify in order to grow
10m 04s – Find the right structure and boundaries for your business
13m 53s – Put the client at the centre of everything you do
15m 25s – How does your business operate when you’re not there?
16m 05s – Important to have a good operating manual – not matter how small you are!
18m 20s – What you can learn from Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
19m 38s – Many salons need help, but they’re not sure what with… So step back
21m 27s – Our industry is in a “perfect storm”
23m 08s – Think ahead
24m 56s – How to make a senior staff members resignation into a positive
25m 50s – The relief of talking to someone who understands
26m 30s – Are manufacturers doing enough to support small businesses?
27m 30s – Hold the mirror up to your business and what do you see
30m 06s – Take time out to review before you get a consultant in
31m 47s – You can ask a surveyor to review your rates if you think you’re overpaying


Hosts: Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox 
Guests: Linton Husbands and Russell Barker

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