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EP21 – Managing successful teams with Salima Rajap and Joe Hemmings

Welcome to our 21st episode of our Respectfully podcast. Each episode, we aim to tackle a topic that is relevant to our industry – be it creative or commercial – and draw upon a wide range of brilliant guests to help us. With our guests this week, we’re talking about how to successfully manage a team or a group of teams… 


Salina Rajap is the managing director of Gina Conway Aveda Salon and Spas. The luxury hair salon group has a holistic approach to hair styling and spa treatments and only use environmentally-friendly and ethically produced products to deliver excellent results. She’s a fabulous contributor to the discussion as she managed all three London-based salons in Wimbledon, Notting Hill and Fulham. 
Joe Hemmings is the owner of Bristol-based Bloggs salon group. With more than 13 years experience in the industry, Joe’s salons are known locally for great customer service and have received numerous accolades over the years including BHBA Salon of the Year in 2017 and more recently ‘Best in Region’ at the 2019 L’Oréal Colour Trophy. 


  • 1m 40s – Let’s start with the numbers! 
  • 3m 20s – Team-building exercises and activities 
  • 6m 29s – What’s the biggest challenge in getting a team to work together?
  • 8m 30s – Importance of routine and structure 
  • 10m 32s – Do you have a mission statement? 
  • 12m 18s – Boundaries
  • 14m 15s – “I do want to know about their families, their partners and their kids – it allows me to know what’s going on in their lives”
  • 15m 47s – “Sometimes I’ve felt quite lonely as a salon manager”
  • 17m 13s – Is creating individual career paths too time-consuming?
  • 17m 40s – Understand both the personal and professional goals of your staff
  • 18m 31s – What makes a team successful?
  • 19m 51s – Keeping the team together when you’ve got ambitious team members
  • 22m 34s – Is it hard to find team-players these days?
  • 24m 01s – Personal Instagram accounts 
  • 26m 08s – How can you rebuild the ‘team spirit’ if it’s been lost 


Gina Conway Salon & Spa 
Bloggs Salon 
Simon Harris 
My Salon Manager 

Host: Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox 
Guests: Salima Rajap and Joe Hemmings 

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