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The Travel Effect

In hairdressing, the sky is the limit. There are some incredible opportunities available within the industry, from the business to the fashion world. The opportunity to travel is something that is attractive to most hairdressers, which is why we’ve had a word with Tracy Ann Smith about the travel effect.

The Travel Effect with Tracy Ann Smith 

Coming from very small place in Scotland, I opened my salon at a young age and was given the opportunity to travel after years of hard work and a passion to get to that point. I am very fortunate to have travelled around the world – throughout Europe and the Middle East as well as up and down the UK on a regular basis with ASP as their Global Ambassador, delivering education to stylists of all levels.

However, travelling continuously has an effect and it is all about your preparation and management of travelling, that will allow your work balance to level out and make it work for you, your business and those you are travelling for.

Tracy Ann Smith

I am in the salon 3 days per week working on clients and ensuring everything is running smoothly and efficiently. However on the days I am not in the salon, I arrange my education and also my days off – both of these things are super important. When you travel so frequently, scheduling your days off will give you a chance to rest, recover and recharge again for the next week ahead. You need to put your boundaries up and take time for yourself – this will result in you being a much more efficient worker and of course, on it! Being exhausted and overworked is no good for anyone, and being the best you can be is your priority. As much as you want to utilise every single minute of your time to work and make your business a success, booking a transition day is sometimes vital, to allow you to rest, recover and prepare for the next again day.

Likewise, travelling can also have an effect on your business. It is really important to build a great support network and team around you, that will allow you to travel whilst maintaining a strong and successful business.  Build a team that shares your goals and passions and has the desire to succeed. Putting time into your team is very important because they will help you drive the business when you are travelling, therefore ensuring they are trained in all areas is a must. Trialling them with smaller tasks is a good way to begin the process of delegation and building trust between both parties. 

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