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Signs of burnout


At any time of year, not just the super-busy holiday season, hairdressers/employees might experience burnout. Common invisible struggles include loneliness, stress, and exhaustion. But perhaps as we become obsessed with Christmas, and face the prospect of a grey January, this time of year, everyone needs extra support. Create a safe and positive work environment for everyone by prioritising the health and inner well-being of those around you. Take care to look for signs that someone is finding it all ‘a bit much’ but may feel unable to express this. 


Elena Lavigni at Neville Hair & Beauty

Elena Lavagni, co-owner of Neville Hair and Beauty, London, and L’Oréal Professionnel Partner, shares the signs of burnout in staff that you can watch out for. Elena explains that signs of exhaustion in employees include poor timekeeping, lack of motivation and loss of focus. One of the ways you can look out for the well-being of your employees is to spot changes in behaviour. If someone who is usually bubbly and energetic seems quiet and uninterested, they may feel burnt out and need support.  


How to help

A little goes a long way. One of the best things you can do is ask people how they are? Checking in on your team will reassure them that you care, and they will appreciate the attention. This will help to prevent burnout in your workplace. As Elena suggests, keep an open-door policy to ensure your staff know they can confide in you. Studies have proven that a positive environment encourages better work with better results. Investing in the well-being of your team will ultimately lead to success for your business. 
As well as listening and showing support for your employees when they feel burnout, try to help find solutions to their struggles. Elena suggests verbally recognising their hard work during this stressful and busy time to ensure they feel appreciated. 


We’ve spotted an article online which explores the factors that cause staff turnover. It’s written for and discusses the mental health of employees. The article explains that employees need opportunities to grow and cultivate their talent. Ensure your staff have the opportunity to learn and improve their craft. Your team might feel burnout due to a lack of enthusiasm and excitement. Ensure they have something to work towards that will benefit them and speak to their own goals as well as the businesses.  

You can find plenty of help and inspiration online, but connecting with your peers, fellow salon owners and team leaders is very rewarding. You can find other pieces on Respect For Hair here: 

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