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Mirror Talkers

Mirror talkers

New research suggests hairdressers can influence clients to use more sustainable haircare routine. So how do we reduce our carbon and water footprint both in the salon and at home? ‘Mirror Talkers’ is a great place to start. 

The brainchild of Green Salon Collective and Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Business University of Southampton. They have looked at the effectiveness of displaying small messages on salon mirrors (hence, mirror talkers), to engage clients in conversations around sustainable haircare.

Research has found that 65% of hairdressers and salon owners believed the conversations had a positive effect on the client’s haircare routine.

So, 30 salons were involved in a year-long study, with each providing a selection of thought-provoking ‘Eco Tips’ aimed at getting clients talking. These ranged from ‘Running hot water is the most expensive and energy-intensive activity we do in our homes’ to ‘Do you always need to use conditioner?’


Could you answer the questions?

Each Eco Tip had a linked QR code, leading to the training required to navigate those conversations, as well as a separate survey for both client and hairdresser to gauge their feedback on the process. The survey also invited clients and hairdressers to participate in one-to-one interviews to provide further feedback.

The results of the study were shared at an event hosted by Green Salon Collective at The Hunter Collective in Farringdon, with participants from the research invited along to witness the findings.

Here’s what Steph Vanhalder, head of research & development at Green Salon Collective tells us about the motive: 

‘Green Salon Collective are excited to have spearheaded such a ground-breaking and positive piece of research. We have long known that hairdressers have the potential to influence and inform clients on their sustainable practices and we hope that these new findings will encourage more salons and salon owners to introduce ‘Mirror Talkers’ into their working environments.’

So if you’re a salon owner, if you haven’t already, why don’t you think about sticking a ‘mirror talker’ up and get the conversation going. After all, brands and salons do so much to help promote sustainability, let’s get our clients on board too! 

Survey findings

  • 60% of hairdressers and salon owners said they felt ‘confident’ and ‘fine’ about having the ‘Mirror Talkers’
  • 65% of hairdressers and salon owners believed the conversations had had a positive effect on the client’s haircare routine – which was actually an underestimate since…
  • 73% of clients said it was VERY LIKELY or LIKELY that they would change their haircare routines
  • Nearly ALL clients seemed to enjoy the conversations and/or learn something from them

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